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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I get excited every time I discover a new store worth sharing to my sisters. My sisters are not into trends, but will go for qualityCommon Thread carries brands that I am sure they will love!

With Sarah, during the Common Thread first store launch in Greenbelt 5:

Common Thread's MAIN game plan is to RECOGNIZE every person's INDIVIDUALITY.
Meaning, PREFERENCE is important to them--by being authentic, personal, and carrying pieces that have purpose, story, and a place in our wardrobe.

Kids, welcome to the store:

In every corner of Common Thread, 
you will see photos of REAL people and their unique style story:

Here naman are the "cool" lifestyle brands--both local and international
--that you can spot in Common Thread (I want A LOT of them, ang hirap mag shop!) -


Allegrina - basic ballet flats in all colors:



K-Way - rain-ready stylish jackets:

Assorted accessories and bags:

Cute umbrellas:

Bobble - water bottles:

Bensimon "Bicycle Bag" with short handle, so chic!

Cute and casual Bensimon sneakers:

Leyende - makeup and beauty products:

Camera bags, "plastic" shoes:

Quirky accessories:

Trying out these Hoola Sunglasses with Niche:

Headset from Urbanears and Coloud, Loudbasstard speakers:

Summer sandals:


So much options for men:

Thread365 Tees:

Beach-section! Lagu beach blankets, bikinis, flipflops, etcetera:

Happy Socks:

Make it your own: Customize your bag / shoes / slippers in Common Thread's Customisation Bar:

Join the paartsy IG posts bandwagon with these Common Thread filters:

Read their Tees:
Will you visit this store? What are the brands na covet for you?

Know more about CommonThread:

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