Midnight Cravings: Magnum Manila

Monday, March 31, 2014

Summer na summer and kahit gabi, parang ang ineeet na talaga! That's why I always crave ice cream for the past days! Nakakaexcite when I heard that Magnum will open a cafe or a Magnum Pleasure Store here...So hindi nalang sa groceries makakabili ng "pleasure" ice cream nato. The cafe is called the Magnum Manila:

Magnum Pleasure Stores are greatly enjoyed from Milan to Cannes to New York and London. Manila has the biggest store, so far, since in other countries kiosk lang sha. It's the model of the Magnum Flagship store!

Meet the Pleasure Makers, who will help you create your own Magnum. WAIT, WHAT!? 

Yup, hindi Magnum bars in GOLD or Chocolate Truffle or Classic ang isesell in the Magnum Manila. Here, you will have the chance to Make your own Magnum:

For the event, I was swerte to get in the kitchen so I can try to make my own Magnum with Pleasure Maker Ate Cathy:

First is to choose the base of my Magnum: Chocolate Truffle or Classic Vanilla?

Choose your dip: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or the Magnum Gold:

Then, choose THREE toppings! Available ang classics like almonds and crushed chocolate chip cookies. They also have special choices like dried raspberries, gold nuggets, and experimental toppings such as chili flakes, queso de bola, crushed potato chips, sea salt, and even popcorn bits!

Imimix your 3 toppings in this canister: 

Shake, dip, and then toss the toppings! Ang bilis ng pangyayari, haha... They have to place the toppings immediately daw before the chocolate hardens. Good job Ate Cathy!

Drizzle more chocolate of your choice:

All creations are topped with one M coin:

And here's my creation! Ok ba? :)

A bar of this (Make your own Magnum) is for Php100 only!

Pag tinatamad ka na mag isip (haha), you can also order pre-designed Magnum bars. Magnum Manila also offers these special Chef Mikko Aspiras creations (Php290):

Magnum Cookie Dough Skillet, my favorite (since I love chocolate-based desserts) -

Pink Friday - Magnum with strawberries and cheesecake! 

This is very Instagram worthy nanaman! 

 Not only a sweets shop, Chef Him Uy de Baron also created these savory dishes for Magnum Manila:

Before the program started, I heard that Magnum Manila will only be up for 500 days, starting April 8 (500 days of summer? :)). Later on, I learned that it will run for around a year only, keeping with the tradition of Magnum Pleasure Stores that are just pop-up set-up in other countries. In short, so sulitin na! There are 230, 000 combinations you can create from the Make your own Magnum bar, something to enjoy and try this summer!

Enjoyed this lunch with Sarah, Ate Marj, Kuya Jonnel, and Paul:

Make sure to visit MAGNUM MANILA on APRIL8 at the SM Aura SkyPark! 
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