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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hi guys! I wore this last week, day after 7107, nung nadrag ako ni Sarah out of my temporary bed (aka Nicola's bed) to go to the Watami event in Shang (blogged about this na). I wore the whole ensemble for an event pre-7107 (lol), but I got the tshirt from the festival mismo, sa booth ng Red Jumpsuit. Great timing naman talaga-- their bassist was there while I was choosing if I'm a medium ba or large, haha. In short, photo op with one of the members of the band that produced my college emo anthem! ;p

T-Shirt - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus booth during 7107 | Skirt and Necklace - Zara
Shades - Fly Shades | Flats - Chinese Laundry | Watch - Puma Time | Bracelets - Hot Topic | Photos - Sarah

Anyway... I have an anecdote uli for you guys (lol)... May time na I was able to ride Cea's car from a Fort event, and then we saw a white dog from a short distance sa street sa side ko running ng iika-ika toward our direction (but asa side street). Bilang both dog lovers--sabay kami ni Cea na nag a-awww and awang awa, but when the dog neared my side of the window, and non-stop padin ang effort-run, I peered to look at his face and saw not something na kaaawaan. 

Me to Cea: "In fairness, di sha mukang kawawa. Mukha shang fighter!"

8 years came by since I can relate with this Red Jumpsuit line (blog title). I now know that it is not unconditional love to put up with a person or work or situation that only "pulls your string"... But simply just lack of self-love. Wag maging kawawa, although injured, show resilience by still running along, going along, while you let people see not the kawawa person-- but the strong girl.:)

Sumeself-help Blogger,
Anagon ;p (hahahaha)

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