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Thursday, March 06, 2014

With all the knock-offs joining the bandwagon and using the name of Cohen Lifestyle Program, the team organized the presscon earlier to settle this rapid weight loss craze.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre CEO Barbara Young explains, “Success in losing weight can only be achieved through the tried-and-tested scientific, systematic, and sustainable approach of the REAL Cohen.”

I also witnessed the positive testimonials from satisfied Cohen Clients, kainspire!

It's not a diet but a lifestyle, that's why Cohen is a program that is sustainable, with clients really maintaining their ideal weight. Since it is tailor-fit for an individual based on his kidney and liver profile, it is not as simple as having Cohen food deliveries, copying other people’s programs or attending cooking classes...

...BUT based on every client’s unique blood profile, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre develops a personalized eating plan and teaches clients the right eating and sleeping habits to optimize the performance of the organs vital for metabolic processesWithout requiring exercise, injection, or intake of pills, the program delivers fast results, with clients averaging a loss of up to 8 to 10 lbs a month.   
The rates:

Not everyone can undergo the Cohen program. At the Centre, we do a comprehensive medical screening and coordinate with their primary physicians to see if our clients are suitable to do Cohen. Additionally, we monitor our client’s progress and blood parameters monthly so they can be guided accordingly.” explains Ms. Regina Chuavon, director of CLC Philippines.

The impressive Cohen’s Lifestyle Program "graduates":

Cohen medical director Dr. Angel Bandola explains,“With the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, the hormonal imbalance causing the weight gain is addressed scientifically. You don’t get hungry or have cravings, which makes it easier to stick to the program. With the support and monitoring of the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre, clients are taught the lifestyle to maintain a healthier body, so they continue to look and feel good.”

Again, the Cohen Lifestyle Program is not for everyone - like me na vegetarian. :p I asked the requirements, and they said na the qualified client must at least take 5 out of the 7 protein: yoghurt, egg, cheese, milk, tofu, chicken, fish, and pork. Sayang!

Anyway, interested? Learn more about the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program at!

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