Scribe Writing Essential: Keeping the Tradition of Reading and Writing Alive

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I am on a roll tonight, just because I can't sleep. I have a morning thing later pero para mas productive this sleepless night, blog blog blog away na! I hope you don't mind! :) I remember attending this Calligraphy Class just last year, c/o Alessa of Life After Breakfast. I blogged about this fun artsy experience here.

So earlier, I was thrilled to be tagged along by my best friend Paul to a Scribe event in Shang. When it comes to anything about writing--super natutuwa ako coz it brings back my passion with the craft (graduated with a degree in Journalism). Tapos gawin mo pa shang art with calligraphy--jackpot na sakin yan! Palpitate mode sa tuwa! Hehe.

Obvious ang lack of practice, lol:

A Calligraphy Message Wall with works from the event attendees:

Works of one of the Scribe Ambassadors, Ms. Leigh Reyes. Love the intricate designs!

...While I can only try, haha. ;p

Other Scribe Ambassadors were introduced earlier during the program. So aside from Leigh Reyes (President and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe Philippines), Scribe also noted 2 more of their loyal clients including Fozzy Dayrit (of The Fozzy Book), and Architect Michael Manalo:

They picked the winner of the best message and penmanship from the Calligraphy Message Wall, and of course hindi ako yun, hehe. ;p

Scribe Writing Essentials' story is an inspiring one, starting with selling in Christmas bazaars na super relate ako. They then supplied to bookstores, and eventually opened up their own boutiques. With 5 branches na, Scribe launched their beautiful flagship store located at the new East Wing of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall:

Though the store increased brands and selections over the years, the company's objective remains the same: to provide high quality products and accessories that enhance the joys of reading and writing. Scribe Writing Essentials owner Marian Yu-Ong says, "I always believed that you should do what you love. That is why it was only fitting that I made a business out of specialty reading and writing products which I loved ever since I was a kid." Passion kung passion! :)

Scribe teamed up with world renowned Korean opera superstar Sumi Jo in her February 1 concert in Manila--proceeds of the concert were donated to victims of Yolanda, through Unesco. Sumi Jo signing autographs with her Pelikan pen:

Brands available in Scribe: Pelikan, Sailor Pen, Platinum, Kaweco, TWSBI, Cross, Lamy, J. Herbin, Brause, Midori, Scribe Writing Essentials (private label), Daycraft, 7321 Design, Speedball, Noodler's Ink, Anna Griffin, Peter Pauper, International Arrivals, Mighty Bright, Thinking Gifts, and Up With Paper Greeting Cards.

Some photos:

J. Herbin Inks:

Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Inks:

J. Herbin Ink Swatch artwork by Fozzy Dayrit + Pelikan Blue O Blue and Marine Blue Fountain Pen:

Scribe Feather Quill Set + Scribe Premium Personal Seal Set:

Sailor Fountain Pen:

Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen:

Scribe Alloy Dip Pen:

Speedball Acrylic Inks for calligraphy:

TWSBI Fountain Pen Diamond 580 Black and Rose Gold trim:

When asked of her future plans for Scribe Writing Essentials, Ms. Marian Yu-Ong wants to be more involved in the community by supporting educational campaigns, and conducting art and writing workshops. Something to look forward to, and just by looking at these pictures, nag ddrool talaga ang aking artsy / crafty / writer's heart. ;p

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