All-Black Summer

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally, long break na for the people who have 9-to-5 jobs! The sisters were inviting me to "celebrate" with them after office hours (lol) with a dinner at the Magnum Manila, but I declined muna at ang aga natapos ng day ko and can't wait for them na ng 6 earliest.

Nung morning, I was able to pick up (fuss free!) an international package in our Post Office, tapos I had an exciting project lunch meeting with Primer's Ean and fellow blogger Christine. After that, I spent useless hours trying on pairs of Birks sa store in Glorietta... And its shameless copy sa Landmark which is (not only half) but almost 1/5 lang ang price sa orig Birkenstocks! :p

Anyway, so here's my Summer 2014 uniform! Haha! Parang nawiwili ako masyado with the shoulder cut-outs and maxi skirts. Ang presko talaga kasi!

Anyway, back to the Birkenstocks kwento... I decided na palipasin muna ang buong Holy Week before making a decision! Speaking of which, what are your plans for the Holy Week? Kami like for the past years, the family will attend the Feast Alabang recollections starting tomorrow morning till Easter Sunday. Aside from these talks, I also have a personal plan to DETOX.

This "detox" is a 3-way thing: my first goal is to eat CLEAN food (no rice, less sugar). The second part is to CLEAN my room, at parang mooonths worth of kagulo na sya! And lastly, I hope to set things straight again when it comes to my life plans--to remove siguro the unhealthy and derailing activities, and to find my focus and priorities again. :)

Top - Herbench | Maxi Skirt with Slit - Crazy About Maxi | Bag - Vera Wang | Shades - Sarabia Optical | Sandals - Naleigh | Necklace - Metro Department Store and Stockton Row | Photos - Paul

So there! May your week be blessed, restful, and productive! :)


  1. Good luck with your "detox"! Love your outfit! Ang hot ng black for summer. :)

  2. bet ko yang shoulder cut-outs.meron pala sa herbench hehehe. :D

    Gusto ko talaga pagkapositive mo lagi sis Ana! :)

    Have a blessed week! :)


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