Dove Summit Day 2

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grabe a week na pala ang nakalipas since my girl (blog) friends and I experience the Dove Summit! It was a staycation narin for us, plus we learned so much from the program and also from the different people na I was able to interact with for the 2-day event. Kung nung Day 1 the experience was more of building one's self image and body love (Real Beauty!), Day 2 was all about Real Care.

Woke up in my comfortable and beautiful hotel room (shared with Pax).

We took a bath na before heading down to the activities. Others were able to attend pa the morning poolside yoga class, but nag pass na muna ako dun. :p

... And headed straight to the buffet breakfast at Spirals! < 3

Then, we all headed back to the tent for the afternoon's agenda.

The activity that afternoon was to explore the 3 different Dove "Worlds". We were divided into three groups, and visited each stations with our "team". First for my group was in the Dove Hair:

Ang cool nito: The "Uno Stacko" -ish display represents the strand of hair na pag may holes from all the damages (heating, straightening, dyeing, etc)...mas madali siyang mag break. Thus, split ends, hair fall, frizz, etcetera.

Pag ang hair hindi daw nag float, it means pala heavily damaged na sya. Studies show that 8 out of 10 Filipinas have damaged hair! 

A demo of shampooing with Dove versus an unnamed shampoo brand:

Can you see the Dove-treated hair? :D Nakaka amaze!

Dove's hair care philosophy centers on repairing the damage, making sure every strand is healthy from within.

Second Dove world we entered was the Dove Deo! Ang ganda and dreamy ng set-up!

Still, 8 out of 10 women think twice about raising their arms because of the way their underarms look. Dark and rough UA is caused by constant shaving and plucking.

Dove Deodorants deliver superior care for the underarm skin with its formulation of 1/4 moisturizing cream and Vitamins E & F. Meaning, it also restores and heals the UA skin... and prevents them from darkening pa lalo!

The significance of these "strands": to stick our written and goals and dreams--and hindi matakot to "reach high"--of course, with whiter and smoother underarms! ;)

Last stop: Dove Body Wash.

Uy si Angela! :D She modeled for Dove sa different Asian countries, and now her ad reached us na--naks! ;) 

Meanwhile, I love the Dove Body Wash! Bathing with this product is therapeutic dahil ang bango nya... But also, it replenishes and restores the functional lipids of your skin:

Natest to through their machine/indicator--after slathering milk, user gains around 50-60 moisture...

Versus nung ginamitan na ng Dove, it reached from 70-90! 

Instant results! Nakita ko for myself how moisturizing the Dove Body Wash is!

Gentle cleansing, but with deep down nourishment is Dove Body Wash's secret. After seeing and trying these demos myself, it's hard to go back or try other brands when here's a superior brand, tested through time, that really works!

After the Dove experience, check-out time na!!! :( Bye Sofitel room, we had a great time! :) Hehe!

We all know this classic line: "The Dove Difference", which Dove shows through their innovative products with superior care. But this Dove Difference, for me, goes beyond its proven effective products, but also through their relevant campaigns.

I actually went home from the Dove Summit different. It's still the same physically--I have the same height, same weight, face and color. But being surrounded by the dedicated and passionate Dove, Unilever and Bridges Team, using the body products that really care for my skin and hair, and gaining self-love after talking and listening to empowering women I was with for almost 2 days made me feel a bit more beautiful than usual. I am sure we all walked out from the hotel and into our own lives holding that quiet confidence that can only be given (and sustained) by finally being aware of Real Beauty and Real Care.

Kudos to Dove for sending out this powerful message! For more info, follow:
@doveph | #realbeauty | #realcare | #iambeautiful
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