Anne Curtis' OOTD Partner: Plains & Prints

Friday, June 20, 2014

Remember this post? TV darling Anne Curtis continues this "Perfect Partnership" with clothing brand Plains & Prints--and complete with a tea party and release of the Pre-Fall collection earlier!

Visited the relaunched Shangrila Mall Plains & Prints branch to check out the preview of the new collection before the program started:

The Plains and Prints Pre-Fall Collection is composed of FOUR sets of off-the-rack ensembles: Fleur de Lis (girly, vibrant pinks and purples), California Dreamin' (shift dresses, dainty pants), Uptown Girl (Audrey Hepburn, bold hues like blues, yellows, oranges), and Flights of Fancy (dress down, classic botton down polo, with interesting twist in prints and colors).


My favorite from the new collection: The Audrey Hepburn pop-art print:

They also have Happy Skin cosmetics at the Shangrila Mall branch. Tried some of them with Pax, love the waterline pencil. :)

The print reminded me of New York!
For fun, here are my friends' personal picks!

Love Pax's "math notebook" polo with vibrant blue collar twist!

The fuchsia and the cut of this top is sooo Ava!

Droool... The powder blue shade of this blouse with edge cut-outs is a winner--not only for Tracy, but for me as well!

When we went out of the store...finally, program proper started!

Anne Curtis came in the venue from our back! Thus, this OOTD-worthy shot! Love the Plains & Prints dress she's wearing:

"I consider myself a girly-girl, so I love dressing up for my OotD posts. It’s really so much fun. I just love dressing up and I pour time and effort to take photos of what I would be wearing for the day because it mostly expresses the mood I am in. I like trying out different styles: from casual, to girly, to glam, to anything I am in the mood for, or what the occasion calls for. But always, I also make sure I am having fun in putting my outfits together,’’ says Anne.

"I love how Plains and Prints’ clothes answer the woman’s need for both style and comfort. In my case, Plains and Prints has everything to suit what I feel like wearing for the day – but always with a touch of fun and girly sophistication," Anne quips.

Cute, Anne Curtis wearing dainty lace socks with her heels. Experimental and stylish:

Rhett Eala, Plains and Prints creative director, has nothing but praises for Anne as the perfect image model for the brand:

"Anne is not afraid to try out new things and be bold that is why we love designing with her in our mind. She is the exact Plains and Prints woman who likes prints and color. She is very innovative with her outfits, yet still maintains that classy vibe."

The Pre-Fall collections will be available at Plains and Prints stores nationwide starting June26 or via online through For updates, like:

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