Second Star to the Right

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sobrang thrilled ako when I stepped out of the house yesterday in layers. The first time I went out of our gate, secretly enjoying the cloudy gloomy day, but then *plock*. One to 2 steps away palang from our house, *plock*plock*. Naputikan na the back of my legs and my velvet-ish seafoam green ballet flats, so I went back and changed to save my cutesy shoes (#mejomaarte, hehe). Tweaked the supposed all-soft look and wore my tough black buckled boots instead, and with the tights (na hindi ko sadyang may torn details, haha)--So second round, rain ready!!!

Powder Blue Blazer - Stradivarius | Peter Pan and Wendy Top - Hot Topic | Velvet Skirt - Macy's | Boots - Topshop | Lavender Bag - Landmark | Tights - Old Navy | Pictures - @SarahTirona

Sabi nila, when a friend gets heartbroken, one best advice is to "go back". To remember your roots, where were you when you haven't met him yet? And the brokenhearted fool will soon (re)realize that she has been a complete (happy) person all along. When I had a style-block a month ago (supposed may word talagang ganyan, ala writers block), a friend told me to always "go back" to my old favorite looks. In a lot of things, and in a lot of ways: to go back, always to know where to go back: second star to the right, and straight on till morning! :)

The past weeks had been stagnant for me in terms of my creativity and my will to create, so I decided to feed myself again. Instead of just reading the new form of forwarded mails in the likes of buzzfeed or viralnova (haha!), I went to my sisters' mini red library and took out a paperback Murakami. The will to write again. For style and for art, bookmarking random people that inspires me and interests me aesthetically. I also watched random movies (at home, at the theaters) and series (started with Game of Thrones), just because eto yung panahon na "Pag May Time", and I can so I will! Haha.

Anyway, for a mercury retrograde "season", it wasn't such a bad past few days. I just felt steady--nothing new, nothing spectacular--nothing that I can't really deal with.

Some kwentos from yesterday, so before going out, I decided to join the #GreenbeltDapperDad contest in the hopes to win the El Nido trip for Dad and Mom. This is my entry on Instagram, hope you can like it (@anagon)! :D

When I reached the Mantrade bus stop, it was opposite of Alabang's (beautiful) cloudy gloomy day, ang init ng suot ko bigla! Haha! I spotted though THIS legit #DapperDad slash Fashionista Commuter! Ang panalo was lolo's structured brown leather bag. ;)

First agenda was the tea party-themed event in Shangrila Mall (Plains & Prints) where a lot of my friends were able to attend (Yey!)

And then, via MRT-Jeep-RushHour combination, reached CCP just in time for Stomp with my Ate, who looks like a younger sister:

Black Team: Nikita and Miko:

It was a fun noisy and energetic show! I had to clap and stomp one million times that night and ginusto ko, just to be part of the whole exciting (and even funny!) production! After the 1.5 hours of stage magic, I can't help but feel the need to make music out of everything that made sound na nadaanan ko--pag sara ng pinto ng cab, pag bayad ng barya sa bus, lahat! Lahat music! Lol. :p The Broadway, West End and international sensation Stomp is showing till June 22 at the CCP Main Theater. Thank you Ayala Malls for our tickets!

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  1. Ang saya sana mag-winter sonata effect na outfit dito sa Pinas, kaso iisipin ko pa lang yung hustle ng pag-commute, na-ber-burn out na ko. hehehehe,, love your top and the whole look :)


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