So Long, Sweet Summer!

Monday, June 02, 2014

June marks the end of the summer in the country. Although we are still experiencing the perpetual Manila heat, school is about to start again, and eventually we will experience notorious rains that will discourage a beach trip for a while.

My Summer 2014 has proven to be one for the books. Like what summer is really all about, I had the chance to discover new things, explore options, and just bask in the freedom that this season promised. 

Here are my top 5 favorite Summer 2014 moments:

1) Holding a surprise Beatles-themed 60th birthday for my daddy, where my families and relatives from both sides were present to celebrate with us.

2) Zambales beach trip / road trip with 2 of my childhood friends after winning tickets and accommodation from Ayos Dito's Summer Siren Music Festival.

3) Holding 3 batches of Wire101 workshops for CraftMNL in The Collective Malugay. 

4) MadTV.PH adventure in Boracay as host for our coverage of the Century Tuna Superbods with David Guison.

And of course, 5) Bloggers United 7 x Sunsilk's Summer Fair!

Btw, THIS was my Summer 2014 uniform! Survived the crazy heat of the past months by wearing maxi skirts from my favorite @crazyaboutmaxi, tops with shoulder cut-outs, and a roomy bag from Tmart. Love that this is convertible from handbag to boho shoulder bag, just by adding the long strap to the sides. Check out Tmart for other nice, everyday bags like this. 

Special thanks to Yuki for these pictures! Spent most of the weekend with this girl, and survived another 3-day bazaar with the SuperSale/Think Pink Team! Had a great time shopping with Yuki, and of course we both love merienda breaks! Foodies are the best company! It's nice to get to beyond small talks, and laugh with a new friend. :) 

And although I still feel attached to the fun and craziness of a summer "escape", I can't help but anticipate more on what another season and change will offer. I am so excited for new promises and adventures! :)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)