T. LeClerc SS2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Elegance is best exemplified by the Parisian women. With their pearls, midi dresses, and natural flair, French women had it all together with refinement and grace even when riding their bicycle (decorated with basket and flowers, of course!). Parisian brand T. LeClerc brings summertime in Paris to our country with vibrant and intense colors--the perfect French touch!

The Collection:

Waterproof Eye Pencil – LIMITED EDITION - P595
This pencil draws out the eyes with a precise, intense line. Its soft lead easily deposits colour on the eye contour from the first stroke. The waterproof formula keeps make-up looking perfect all day long. 
Available in 4 Parisian shades: Noir Parisien: true, intense black, Brun Saint Germain: iridescent soft copper, Bleu Rivoli: indigo blue, and Vert Tuileries: warm golden-iridescent green.

A tip from Eduardo, T. LeClerc make-up artist 
For a clean, precise line, cool the pencil before use by placing it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.
Blend it onto the eyelids to replace eye shadow. 

Lip Lacquer – LIMITED EDITION - P995
 Forget about choosing between lipstick and gloss. These lacquers provide a mirror-finish smile. The purity and intensity of the shades leave lips intensely coloured and polished like glass. The fluid texture coats the mouth in deep, brilliant shades. Available in 4 shades: Rouge Parisien: sophisticated, Rose Parisien: glamorous, Beige Parisien: natural and iridescent, and Bordeaux: intense

 Volume Waterproof Mascara – Noir - P995
For adventurous city-dwellers, its waterproof formula guarantees long-lasting make-up that will stand up to anything (tears, water sports, etc.). Its gel texture glides on easily and won’t clump, and the extra-flexible silicone brush captures the lashes for high-precision application. 

Retractable Powder Brush - P1,250
An indispensable tool for touch-ups during the day, this (pink!) brush made of natural, superior-quality goat bristles is stowed in a sheath after use for optimum hygiene and practicality.

Paris l’Été Pressed Powder - LIMITED EDITION - P1,450
 A metal case and a unique result with the legendary powder by T. LeClerc. The shade, a chameleon warm beige, evens out and smoothes the complexion, leaving it flawless.

Illuminating Tinted Sorbet – LIMITED EDITION - P1,650
 To reveal and awaken the glow in skin, T. LeClerc offers an ultralight fluid that produces a delicately sun-kissed complexion with transparent finish. Available in 2 shades: Doré for light skin or dimmed lighting, and Cuivré to give a sunny effect to olive or already-tanned skin.

A tip from Eduardo, T. LeClerc make-up artist: Use Teint Soleil Enlumineur off-label by applying it to the neckline for a satin-finish touch of sunshine.

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