Italian Jewellery Brand Morellato Now in Manila

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beautiful pieces inspire me. This year, although on jewelry-making hiatus, I've been lucky to discover a lot of impressive imported brands focusing on quality and exquisite line of jewelries that will make you drool--and one of them is Morellato. Founded in Venice, Italy in 1930, Morellato has been charming generations upon generations of discerning clients with its jewelries that showcase the best of Italian craftsmanship and inspired by Italian Renaissance.

The gorgeous Morellato brand ambassadors during the event in the Shangri-La Mall:
Isabel Oli, Kelly Misa, Divine Lee, Ian Batterson, Shamcey Supsup, Jaz Quin, Ryza Cenon, Bella Padilla, and Nicole Anderson

The brand's Italian principals especially flew in to also celebrate the launch of Morellato in the country last Tuesday (July 22), at Spatzle Euro Market Cafe. They picked me as one of the 5 guests to create our own Morellato pieces during the program:

The entries! 

I made a travel-themed necklace with globe, hot air balloon, a car, luggage, and even a motorbike. I thought that this will best remind me of my goal to travel a lot while I can. :)

After the program, we visited the store, also located at the East Wing section of Shang:

Morellato makes use of a lovely array of precious materials such as pearls, diamonds, semi-precious material together with stainless steel. 

Not just limited to jewels, Morellato also offers a beautiful selection of watches, fashion jewels, leathergoods, keychains, and writing instruments that are perfect for every style savvy lady. Here are some of them:

Also available at the store are the brand's latest collections like FioreMio and Icone More:

Ms. Divine Lee, one of Morellato's ambassadors:

From a successful brand launch, more exciting things are in store for Morellato in the coming months as it aims to build a stronger presence in the Asian region. Leaving you with more photos of their signature pieces:


Charms for the "design your own" Morellato jewellery  From what I have learned when I inquired, each charm costs around P1k, while the bracelet / necklace chains are also priced at P1k each.

Big earrings



Found the piece for you? :) Ako I am excited to go back and create my own Morellato bracelet!

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