Pink Parlour Hand Paraffin

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I am proud of my calloused, imperfect hands. They brought a hefty sum in my savings, haha. Working on wires and other crafts entitled me to rough hands--but all the more I have to take care of them. Here's one hand pampering treatment that you can avail in Pink Parlour: Hand Paraffin Wax with Manicure.

Last week, I was able to try hand paraffin with Tracy at the Pink Parlour A. Venue (Makati Ave).

 I love their service talaga. I thought one-time thing lang sya, but every time I go there natutuwa ako with the attendants who are all accommodating and steady-friendly (hindi pilit, hehe). I also had my Brazilian here (the most painless and clean, I tell you), eyebrow waxing (neat, fast, less painful compared to threading), and foot spa with pedicure.

As for the Hand Paraffin, I had it after my manicure (no polish). For the treatment, you have to place your hands (one at a time) in this tub of hot wax. Some cannot tolerate the heat (like Tracy, hehe), but eventually you'll get used to it. Ang technique is unti-unti, or let the attendant know if medyo mainit pa sya so you can wait for the wax to cool down a little. Best padin na may init sya kahit konti so the wax will stick to your hands.

Then they'll wrap your hands with plastic, and then towel. You'll have to wait for around 30 minutes max till the wax dries. 

I love the feeling of my hands after the treatment--softer sya and also the heat was relaxing. Hand paraffin is really recommended to improve skin's elasticity, plus it is also therapeutic as the heat helps increase blood flow, improves joint stiffness and ligament ailments like pulled muscles or arthritis. I hope Pink Parlour will also have foot paraffin as well, in the future! ;)

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