They Gave It A Name

Monday, July 07, 2014


Adidas Clima Training Graphic Tee | Adidas Essentials 3-Stripes Cap | Adilette Slides | Photos - @tracyayson

Have you heard of Norma? Fashion recently took notice of the "hardcore normal" and called the style NORMCORE. Thus, the comeback of Birks, and all eyes on easy slip-ons and tattered denim pants. Average looking, dangerously regular, but to me--the look is just sooo commuter friendlyMy standard Sunday-look is borderline normcore / tamad-tamaran look like the ootd above (for a Sunday with Oishi Snacktacular). Shirt, jeans or bermuda "conservative" shorts, sometimes with hair tied in ponytail & my prescription eyeglasses, and simple sandals or round-toe flats. The style is not spectacular, anti-attention, but really comfortable for malling, grocery, and mass with the family. Also the best look to not stick-out like a sore thumb while riding the bus or jeep. AND THEN they gave it a name and made it seem cool. Yey? :D

“It’s not about being simple or forfeiting individuality to become a bland, uniform mass,” she explains. Rather, it’s about welcoming the possibility of being recognizable, of looking like other people—and “seeing that as an opportunity for connection, instead of as evidence that your identity has dissolved.” - Emily Segal of K-Hole for


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