Shakey's Throwback Contest (Win GCs!)

Friday, July 04, 2014

CONGRATS TO: Alyssa Saluta!


During my 26th birthday, also the day I got my first tattoo (haha, eyeliner tattoo!), I decided to celebrate the end of my literal na "quarter life" at home, in my pambahay, and with just my family. My plan was to buy my family's favorite foods, which include the Shakey's Pepperoni Crrrunch Pizza and Mojos. It was actually one of the best-est birthdays for me. :)
One of the most unforgettable fashion-blogger-moments for me was when we were all sooo active when Philippine Fashion Week strikes. All of us get-together everyday, dressed to the nines, just to catch the latest in Pinoy fashion. But OF COURSE my favorite part of the day, always, was the dinner / bonding after the shows. This picture was taken in Shakey's Mall of Asia, and if I can remember it right--sagot to ni Paul! :D
YOUR TURN! Make use of your #throwback posts, especially if it is Shakey's related, and get a chance to win Php1500 Shakey's GCs! Here's how you can join:

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The winner will be announced on August 1, so good luck, careerin, and go look for those nakakasenti throwbacks, haha. Ok, now I'm craving Mojos and Garlic N Cheese Pizza. :p


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