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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Last time, I already shared how my monthly Flawless Advanced Acne Control Facial routine is a lifesaver (or my skin-saver, hehe). As for my daily routine, I usually just used sulfur soap to wash my face, and no other products na because my skin is really sensitive and acne prone. But because I trust the brand, I gave the MyFlawless' Acne Control Kit a shot:

I bought the kit around 2 months ago, after my facial in SM Makati.  

The pack contains 4 items: the Flawless SAS Soap, Flawless Pimple Clear Astringent, Flawless Skin Protect Gel, and the Flawless Skin White Therapy. 

1) Flawless SAS Soap
A specially designed soap made to combat acne by targeting acne-causing bacteria and decreasing oiliness of acne-prone skin.

2) Flawless Pimple Clear Astringent
Helps prevent the formation of pimples.

3) Flawless Skin Protect Gel
A water-based sunscreen that protects the skin without leaving a greasy feel.

4) Flawless Skin White Therapy (night cream)
A lightening moisturizer that targets pigmentations from acne and other blemishes. It exfoliates skin, resulting to a brighter and more even skin tone.

The best part is that you'll get a FREE basic facial when you buy the Acne Control Kit for Php1200.

For around 5 weeks of using the Flawless skincare, parang feel ko less prone na ako to breakouts, except for one or 2 pimples during my period (which is usual naman). I also still go for the Acne Control Facial every month for maintenance--and in fairness during my latest session 2 days ago, pricking was fast na, so it meant siguro na onti nalang ang kailangang ipiniprick!? :)

My no-makeup selfie! ;D

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  1. Wow! Love your no-makeup selfie, Ana! Haven't tried any Flawless products nor their treatments. Will have to check them out one of these days. :)


    1. Thanks Gellie! :) You should, and then balitaan mo ako if the effect is same din to you! :)
      Thank you uli! :)


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