Dear Diary No.3

Monday, October 06, 2014

Feeling ko the past weeks had been uneventful, pero actually it wasn't! A lot of time were spent at home after my teeth surgery, but being my usual self--di ako nauubusan ng gagawin!

Anyway, pre hibernation, Pax and I met up with potential BU partners, and one of them was in Tampopo at Central Fort Bonifacio. It's a nice ramen place with good reviews from my own friends, where I enjoyed the milky version of this soup immensely! Also, can I just say fan nako ng Sapporo beer? Smooth!

Also pre extraction was my first Brow Lounge Festival Mall experience. I got 2 coupons when we visited the Fairview Terraces months ago, and was able to finally try the salon for my eyebrow grooming. Dito ko narealize na threading shouldn't be painful, with the right thread and tools dapat pain-free siya! I also commend that the people from Brow Lounge know what they are doing, and explained to me about my brow length, etc. Will go back here again next time, affordable pa!

A glossy feature of my outfit (along with other blog friends) during the SM Woman Philippine Fashion Week show last summer. Thank you Style Weekend!

On the day of my dentist appointment, I decided to drop by Style Stunner Manila's store in Robinsons Galleria, which is right across my dentist lang. The store is inside Nudo Swimwear in 50th Avenue where you can spot so many trendy clothes at P500 and below! The skirts and sweaters around P350 lang, and the off-shoulder top (available in different sizes) at P350-380 lang! Para akong nag bazaar, but all-year-round siya available! 

Cold and easy to eat, ice cream was my best friend post-surgery. Had to take pain killers every 4 hours so I can get by a day and a half of healing, while also relaxing at home para iwas binat. 

Although I missed a lot of events, I made sure my "vacation" was productive by organizing my room, kahit kontra si mudrabells and gusto niya literal na rest lang ako. I was restless and uneasy na nung panahon nato, so I diverted my energy to things na I can't accomplish kung okay ako and parating layas at nasa labas. One of the things I cleaned was my bookshelf--which I converted into my shoe display after exposing myself in too-much Pinterest room ideas (haha). So san na napunta ang books, beads, and craft materials? :p

Eventually, though, I was able to eat na: cereals, soft pasta, yogurt, and KFC side dish like mashed potatoes and fries, hehe!

I also had the chance to catch up with my movies by watching at least one every night. So much quotable quotes from Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Her, and The Wolf of Wall Street:

When I finally went out of the house, sila ang mga nag hello sakin sa EDSA, haha, hassle!

Mom allowed me to go out since Megamall lang naman ako whole day, and it's not technically to work but to relaaax. This day was actually one of the highlights of the last 2 weeks I didn't post a Dear Diary entry coz was able to bond with my 2 friends Sarah and Tracy with a spa session at my favorite Beauty & Butter:

Butter Girls! Lots of catching up happened in this colorful room! After our pampering day, we also had early dinner in Ippudo, a coffee break in St. Marc's, and the shopped at Forever 21 before heading home. We vowed to make this a monthly thing na relax and dress down lang!

It's exams week already for the students, so I only had 1 class nalang before the break. My students brought their own denim clothing like jeans, jacket, shorts, and skirt, and distressing tools like cutter, scissors, razors, pumice, and tweezers. It was a fun and even therapeutic activity.

Do not rain on my parade. Rainy day shoe find at Bench's men shoes section which I got on sale for only P750! I got the black version din dahil ang mura! :p

One day last week, I was also fortunate to meet the father of Fujifilm X Series in an event at Mesa Powerplant Mall. We were also introduced to the newest addition to Fuji Film's line of great cameras, including the X100T, X-T1S, and the X30, as well as the 56mm APD and the 50-140MM lenses. Watch out also for the many sales and exciting conventions from Fujifilm Philippines in the coming months!

Remember when I had my first WINK half-leg session few months ago? It wasn't till last week that I had to go back for my laser hair removal again! For P5k / session, I am guaranteed to be hair-free for life after accomplishing a series of sessions (depends on hair growth). In my case siguro, 4 more sessions and then I'm good na. If ever man hair grows back, it's already fine and barely noticeable! Read more about my WINK Alabang Town Center experience.

Since I was in ATC nadin that day, I took advantage of the weekday anti-crowd strolling, cloudy day, and even had dinner in my favorite CPK. I also got hold of my first Birkenstock sandals dahil nadala ata ako when I entered the Alabang Town store! Ang daming southerners talaga ang into chill outfit, and of course gotta own a pair of slides to match that shorts-tee look! ;) Hehe!

Another thing that I've been pinning in my Pinterest the past days was my "color" hot pink / fuchsia, which I've recently discovered via Jinky Amores' Dress My Aura site. I decided to try it out after reading about "aura complimenting color" in Chuvaness blog, and found it may be helpful to regain balance and attract positivity. It was also an interesting topic to talk about and recommend to friends and people I randomly meet in events, hehe. :)

Speaking of events, been going on different happenings here and there ever since I felt okay na from the teeth extraction. Aside from Fujifilm's launch, I also went to Intercon for Christina Grimmie, one of the recent The Voice US finalists. Thanks to Ayala Malls for this opportunity, we even had a little meet-and-greet with the singer after the press con!

Because I can't sleep, a friend recommended a "sleeping app" to Ms. Whatapp me, haha. I checked the android version and found Nature Sound, na medyo funny kasi imbis na marelax ako, nanenerbyos ako sa huni ng ibon and crackling of fire. It has a lot of options like wind or thunderstorm (try mo matulog ng ganyan ang background, haha), but the calmest na siguro is the Creek sound... Although eventually feeling ko malulunod ako! The first night I tried this, I eventually turned the app off after endlessly changing the sound every minute, and nung natahimik na--dun ako nakatulog. Waha!

One time after an event and before going to a spa in Jupiter, I encountered a series of cab-fail that I eventually gave up coz wala pa ako sa spa nasstress nako. I was talking to Christine on Viber, and she asked if asan ako. When she found out na asa Makati lang ako, she asked me if I want to have dinner instead after ng work niya. This was one of those days na easily shifted from bad to good--Mexicali works parin as my comfort food, but mas thankful ako that God blessed me with loving friends.

Although just a part-time job and I don't have an education degree, I am proud to be a teacher. It was one of my long-time dreams that got stuck even after childhood, teenage years, and college. I want to be a part of the "next generation"'s life maybe because I feel that I can make a difference by telling them my story or inspiring them the way my own teachers moulded and changed me into what I am now. PLDT created this beautiful event that recognized our country's teachers via a big concert in MOA Arena last Sunday. More kwentos on this star-studded affair in another post, just happy that I was there to witness it!

Concert lang ng concert! After watching a number of classic local acts at the Gabay Guro event (Side A, Regine Velasquez, and Noel Cabangon, to name a few), I went straight to Trinoma to watch Christina Grimmie's final performance in the country for Ayala Malls. The crowd went wild, especially when the American singer reached the high notes, basta biritan nadadala ako! Nakakainspire din to watch someone make her dreams happen, and hundreds of people living thousand miles from where she's from were there to support her. It happened to her, it can definitely happen to you! 

Praying for my own time, but not necessarily on stage ha, hehehe. Watch 15-sec Christina Grimmie videos via my Instagram @anagon! :)


  1. Wait, what? Threading is supposed to be painless? Holy crap, I've been having painful threading for years!

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    1. Yes yes there are options... threading can be pain free pala haha :p Go to a good salon like Brow Lounge and Browhaus MNL, let me know if my claims are true! :)

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