Owning Fewer Clothes?

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sometimes, and only sometimes, I like to play with the idea of owning fewer clothes.

Plaid Tee - Forever 21 Men
Plaid Polo (worn as skirt) - Uniqlo
Sandals - Birkenstock
Bag - SM Parisian
Watch - Lacoste
Photos - @sarahtirona

I know it's a suntok-sa-buwan thing for someone like me who thinks sale season is the best season in the country (char), but I sometimes imagine opening my closet to fewer clothes that I can actually and easily count. Not only will it make life a bit easier, but a little bit more creative too since I have to think out-of-the-box in terms of styling with the remaining items I have on-hand.

I used to think of myself as a hippie, imagining my future house filled with rugs and woods and draping beads (lol), but now I fancy living in whites and gray... is this an extreme sign na nagsasawa na ako sa frills? Anyway, it's not a closed door thing, I really undergo different phases in life even with my personal style and so I enjoy them all and learn more about them while I'm there. Here are some tips for those who also want to have a minimalist closet:

1) Try unexpected layers. Print on print, monochrome, a long polo with your sweater... Try them all! Enjoy, play and experiment.

2) I also find another use for my items other than what is accustomed, like wearing my polo as skirt as shown above. I also saw a Pinterest photo of a girl wearing her polo as tube top and as an off-shoulder, ang galing!

3) Follow other minimalist dressers on social media. Take styling inspirations.

I find myself wearing almost the same pieces over and over again anyway, maybe it's a lifestyle I can plunge into?

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