What Completes Your OOTD? + Sun Prepaid’s Updated Call & Text Combo 50

Monday, February 09, 2015

When I turned 18, I celebrated a simple debut, with friends complete, and with prepared lineups of 18 somethings during the program. In my 18 "Pots of Gold" (or Treasures), a friend gave me a watch, saying that our friendship is like having to wear a watch for a long, long time, that when you remove it or forgot to wear it one day, it doesn't feel good.

That's how I feel whenever I go out without my dial. I can do without trinkets and knick-knacks, as long as I have a watch.
Watches from Lacoste Time, Veloci, Kenneth Cole, and Tomato Time.

Another thing that I feel I can't live without is a bag. Before, my friends will tease me for always lugging around a gigantic, oversized black bag na parang lalayas nanaman ako, haha. But these days, aching back and not getting any younger, I can settle with a nice medium-sized purse. I realized that most of them are in black:
 Bags from Longchamp, SM Parisian, H&M, and SM Parisian.

Speaking of complete, here's a good news to my fellow Sun Prepaid subscribers!

Now you can enjoy a complete Call & Text Combo! With Sun's CTC50, you get 70-minute trinet calls to Sun, Smart, TNT (it wasn't trinet before), 250 Sun texts, and another 250 texts to other networks (formerly just 200), all for just P50! This is valid for 5 days, so limang araw kang kumpleto! Now this is something I can't live without. ;)

What's more is that you can also chat with your groups or bff NONSTOP via Viber, WeChat and Line when subscribed to this promo. Text CTC50 to 247 to subscribe! Click HERE for more info.


  1. Great blog and picks! I love oversized bags as well! <3
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