Boho Obsession

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Tan Fringe Top - Simone's Closet
Joggers - Forever 21
Backpack - Jansport
Watch - Tomato Time
Footwear - Birkenstock
Photos - @simonesfashioncloset

When I can't go all-out bohemian, I mix the frills with my basic "normcore" pieces. More and more I appreciate my black joggers and Birks because I can afford to use them repeatedly. It pays talaga to invest in these kind of pieces, noh? Even when you use and abuse them, the quality is still good after being twirled and tumbled in your washing machine for the nth time.

Anyway, so last weekend, I was exposed to a lot of boho style thanks to Denise of Simone's Closet, it brought back a lot of my former aesthetic preferences. I will always have that heart for hippie happy things. Flowers, barefoot, long locks, fringe, kombi van, mala beads, paints, weaves and rugs... ahhh I am still drooling!

I remember the years when my room was still filled with magazine pages as my wall paper, a topsy turvy "beautiful mess" with my doorway to the room doubled with DIY strings and strings of shells and beads ala curtain style. My windows were blocked by dream catchers and lamps, while my ceiling was in a perpetual lighted state with glow-in-the-dark stars and moon. I lived in my own 60s-70s world!

Anyway, I am really attracted to these things, so I still go back to this style from time to time. For now, I am satisfied by hoarding Simone's Closet pieces.

More photos of this current obsession below!


  1. boho season nanaman! parang i want that beige fringe kimono, is it nice in person? :)

    1. I am not sure if nasell na niya that one last weekend, but do wait for her new releases for the summer ang daming magaganda dapat fumirst dibs! :D

  2. Ang ganda ng fringe top pls!!!! <3 Miss you date na asap!!!


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