Slim Protection Case for your iPhone 6

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I have returned to "the dark side". 

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my Samsung Galaxy S5 along with ALL my Roxy Camp photos from last weekend. My heart was broken, but life must go on. So I bought a new phone! I used money from my Japan "baon" (disclaimer lang baka masabihan ako ng "burgis", haha), and decided to go for iPhone again. To make sure I'll take care na of this, I am using an iPhone 6 case that passed a Military Drop Test Standard. I am now ready to bounce back, reply to all messages, and take lots of pictures again!

The Speck MightyShell is proud to give ULTRA protection for your phone, with lifetime warranty AND a super slim design. It adds .14 inches only to the iPhone 6, that's high-grade phone casing that doesn't look manly, bulky, and heavy. This rubberized protection feels great in my grip, and has matte back anti-slip texture.

Perfect side and bottom slots for the sound and sleep buttons, and earphones and charging docks:

The inner walls are designed to endure impact and absorb shock when you drop your phone. More on the technology here:

Still using my Sun Cellular sim, of course! :) Now I am even more excited to travel and take more photos with my phone! Life is good, lessons were learned, here's to creating more memories! :)

Available in colors Black-Gravel, Orange-Blue, Pink-Gray, Lilac-Gray, and Clear at P1950.
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  1. Curious lang Anna, coz I think bago pa yun S5 mo what happened? I am using S5 din eh pra I'l be aware. Thanks!

    1. Hi Henley! Dinala ko sya sa beach, water resistant kasi siya but pinasukan padin. Nagamit ko na kasi sha before sa LAKE as in lublob level hahaha, pero sa beach di niya kinaya. Pinasukan sya, tapos biglang nag overheat (naka indicate sa screen mismo). Pag open ko ng batt port nasunog na yun isang side for the batt. Akala ko machechange yun pala you have to repaire the WHOLE THING (motherboard) and irretrievable na ang memory / photos. :(

    2. Thanks Anna for the reply. (sorry pinaexplain ko pa talaga). Havent used my S5 underwater kasi im scared but what I read din, ok lang xa sa freshwater pero pag saltwater it is denser and higher salinity. Sayang yun photos but you got new phone naman kaya ok na! hehehe :)


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