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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

People usually get conscious only with their weight whenever the season of "lesser clothes" draws in. Actually, I've long been over working-out for abs during summer because my body type is just not meant for them, but I do consider TWO other things to get ready for the season: 

1) Going hair-free
and 2) Trying out underarm whitening

In short, I am all for smoother skin more than thinness when it comes to having a "swimsuit body". There are still a few weeks to achieve these, and there are services in Ysa Skin and Body Experts to help you with these goals. 

Ysa Summer-Ready #1: Chemical Peel

Chemical Peeling is for skin rejuvenation, a whole body process that is non-invasive, fast, and easy. It treats skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, blemishes, shallow acne scars, and discoloration, giving you a youthful, softer, tighter, and smoother skin.

When I had my underarm chemical peel in Ysa, they first tested the peel solution (TCA - trichloroacetic acid) in a small portion of my arm to see if it has negative reactions to my skin. When confirmed safe, TCA was applied in my UA, and then I was free to go about with my day's tasks. I went back the next day for my 2nd application, the chemical wasn't wiped off, and I was allowed to go to my Bikram Yoga Class after. 

The peeling started around a week after the application, and lasted for around 2 weeks max till it was completely peeled off. I don't wear sleeveless a lot so it wasn't a problem. I noticed that the dead skin has peeled off, and replaced with fresh, "pinkish", new skin. :) 

Ysa Summer-Ready #2: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

I am a big fan of laser hair removal because it is fast, clean, and pain-free. And of course, being hair-free lasts longer with laser! I tried a lot of IPL and diode machines in different salons, and YSA by Zen in Burgos Circle Taguig is one of my favorites. 

What I like about the machine they use in Ysa by Zen is that there's no need to apply cool gel and shave hair from my UA and legs. A handheld treatment unit was swiped in areas with hair, the procedure lasted at around 30-45 minutes. It was quick and clean, I just felt minor stings on my leg where hair was a bit thicker. You can go for an IPL every 3 weeks to 1 month, for 8-10 sessions, before hair is completely unnoticeable. 

Nude Off-Shoulder Top - Simone's Closet
Skirt - Plains & Prints
Shoes - TOMS
Sunglasses - Fly Shades
Bag - Long Champ
Photos - @paultheprguy 

Meanwhile, YSA Skin and Body Experts also welcomed celebrity Lou Delos Reyes to the Ysa Family just last week at The Farm Organics, Burgos Circle.

Lou Delos Reyes with Ysa Skin Care Corp President Robert Nazal and Ysa Operations Director Sheila Nazal:

Learn more about the services by going to Ysa Skin and Body Experts website at


  1. love the summer vibe of outfit Ana!! ♥

  2. Oh, siya pala yun! Too bad I missed! and I missed my chance to see Robin too! Haha

    Dropping my link din! Haha ;)

    1. Thank you for coming, ruth! :) Hehehe! See you around! :)

  3. How's your UA as of now?is it really effective? I'm planning to get chemical peel din kasi :D


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