Summer Rain

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My weapon of choice this summer? A pair of sunglasses! I am so glad that you can select from over a thousand styles from 100+ brands at the SM ACCESSORIES: from aviators, wayfarers, cats eye and round eyeglasses in all colors and prints you can think of! A lot of them are also affordable, there's a pair that will fit not only your style but also your budget.

Yesterday, I opted for these round flash lens sunnies that reminds me so much of a modern John Lennon hippie look. Also, I finally got to bring out my (favorite) long black blazer again because of yesterday's surprising (but refreshing!) Metro Manila Summer Rain.

"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you." - Langston Hughes

"Tears of joy are like summer rains drops pierced by sunbeams." - Hosea Ballou

Photos - @paultheprguy

Anyway, I want to go back to the old school by inserting some of my current personal "happenings" after every ootd post just like before! Let's start with what happened to my phone (hoho).

I went to a sponsored trip last weekend for Roxy with other girl bloggers and camp participants. We did a lot of cool activities, so the 3 days were full, tiring, but really fun and worth it. On the last day though, we decided to use the surfboards and carelessly paddled around and took LOTS of pictures. I've been using my Samsung S5 for the whole trip coz I don't want to lug around an SLR, and besides I've already tested the unit with fearless underwater selfies during my Camsur and Boracay trip. This time though, water squirmed and went through its battery port and the screen warned me that the phone is overheating. A small metal in the phone's battery port got burnt, so the phone died and I waited till the next day to bring it to repair centers and have it fixed. After a second and even a 3rd opinion, it turns out that the whole phone died with the teenie tiny battery port, and the little metal thing irreplaceable. The solution was to change the whole motherboard of the phone, ALL files lost forever, and will cost me P8500-10k. :( I decided to just spend my money on a new phone using some of my Japan ipon, and maybe a new toy might heal my broken heart.

Speck Protective iPhone Case from Digits Trading. More on that HERE.

Meanwhile, my phone fiasco is just a small part of my life right now. I am also preoccupied with crafting cuffs, brooches, bouquet, and headdress for a cool wedding client (a cousin who lives in SG). The pressure is real, most especially with the bouquet and headdress for such a special occasion! The date of the festivities is set a week after my Japan trip, so I have to finish everything by next week or else aabutan na ako ng Holy Week. It's going to be an Easter wedding, the theme is WORDPLAY, and the bride requested I create the accessories with lots of neutral colors, "handmade feel", words and burlap. The process is fun, and it takes my mind away from things.

So yesterday, we only had 1 event and it finished fast we were left with nothing else to do! We decided to just hangout in the area, and as usual, Paul treated the whole group with yummy smoothies. Not sure what happened or even the things we talked about, haha, it was a random light night so I will just be leaving you with some of the photos I took... syempre new phone excited pa! Hehe! Iba talaga selfie cam ng iPhone! :D


  1. If you're gonna quantify all the good things and the bad that happened in your life these past few days basing on this post, mas lamang yung good! Good ootds (ehem), good projects (cool ng scrabble tiles!), and good friends! Cheer up! And welcome back to the iPhone family! Hehehe

  2. Huhu sayang yung S5! Problem talaga ng Samsung biglang namamatay. :(

    Ituloy na natin ang out of town soon!!! :D

    1. Seeeph gawin na yan! :D Hehehe! :)
      Hay over na ako, ok lang walang pictures mabuti nalang may official photog!

  3. I agree sunglasses are such an important item to invest in! I love your outfit and the photo with your friends is lovely <3

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