One Day Without Shoes @ BGC

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 21, Track 30th BGC

Global lifestyle brand TOMS had been very aggressive in their advocacy to create awareness for children's health and education, and it is really very inspiring. I am proud to say that I've been part of TWO One Day Without Shoes events already - The first one was in Greenbelt two years ago. I remembered how traffic-stopper our mini parade was, we walked the streets barefoot, cars zooming by next to us! 

This year's venue was at the 30th Track in BGC, Taguig. I love every detail:

The 2015 campaign started with an online noise where personalities encouraged people to post on Instagram their feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes - every post is equal to a pair of shoes to be donated to a child in need. Even international personalities such as Demi Moore, Charlize Therone, Rachel Bilson, and the Jones Brothers posted their "selfeet"! I posted mine, which coincidentally was taken in a parking lot in BGC din.

And as culminating, we gathered again in BGC to experience what it's like to not have shoes.

Always G! No shoes OOTD with Ashley, Ava, and Paul:

With Miah and Krissy:

The event was open for all. There were mats and teepees you can hangout in, hippie entertainments like poi and ukulele music, and food like Pinkberry's fro-yo.

To make the event even more entertaining, Carlos Celdran headed the parade ala his Walk This Way tours in Intramuros!

Cool concept!!! :)

Here's an observation: while we "toured" high street, several groups and individuals actually joined us. Without sign up forms and recognitions, the act is sobrang moving. I saw them remove their shoes, and blend in the parade just to show their support for the advocacy. TOMS really isn't just a product and a brand, but a global awareness campaign. Thank you for always leading us in taking the right steps.


  1. This is such a fabulous cause! I've always loved TOMs philosophy, this event looks so fab and something I would have really enjoyed!

  2. Brand who start up because of a Cause is amazing! Happy to be a part of this with you!

  3. Yiheee thanks for the support, Ana! <3


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