Petrol Journey to Freedom in Boracay Part 2

Saturday, May 09, 2015

I'd say, there are 3 kinds of people: Those who go to the Boracay for its wild-wild parties, those who enjoy chilling-henna-Bob Marley-sun bathing-Jonah's overdosing while reading a book. And the adventurers, those who try out all the activities that Kuya-Manong with laminated price list can offer! Hehe. I'd like to think that I can be a little of these 3, but leaning more on the chill and sometimes (pag may budget at kasama) the adventurer type. Hehe! How about you?

Anyway, back to my Petrol Labor Day Weekend stories. So our third day started early this time, our target was to go to Ariel's House early and join the 11:30am boat ride to Ariel's Point with the other groups. They say that the slots are limited, so go book for your tickets in advance. Check out their site HERE.

Sa boat palang, they already offered the guests UNLIMITED drinks. Sulitin na agad! From local beers, water, and soda, the 30-minute ride to Buruanga felt fast. My seatmates Kat and Pax:

David's new tourist friends! Hehe.

Yihee naman! :D

Ariel's Point is an eco-adventure destination. To me, it is a good alternative activity area when in Boracay, perfect for barkadas who want to escape White Beach's crowd, go snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, and even just to hangout and drink with a legit good view. The entrance fee is at P1600/head, which is already inclusive of buffet lunch and bottomless drinks--simula sa boat palang to the island. Super sulit siya!

But here's the ultimate highlight of the Ariel's Point: CLIFF DIVING!

Ariel's Point has several diving plank levels - the easiest is the 5 meters where most of the group started. Then there's the 8-meter AND the scariest of all: the 15 meters. I think I needed more Red Horse if I really wanted to take that, haha. :p

Dive at your own risk:

Di ko sadyang funny shot, haha! David jumping off the 5-meter plank, and that's Vina's hand "full support" padin. Haha!

Wearing my Veloci Live The Second rash guard, while thinking "Ano ba tong pinasukan ko?" Haha! Dahil may kayabangan kami ni Pax, lol, we decided to go for the 8 METERS agad agad! 

Pax hesitated for a while, tapos bigla bigla nalang niya ako hinawi, tumakbo, and nag dive ng walang pasabi, haha! Wala tuloy siyang picture! When it was my turn, I think I turned off all my senses just so I can jump and get over the whole thing na. Haha. Bilang bookish, nag basa na ako online during the boat ride, and alam ko na na you should dive ng naka straight body lang, arms firmly pressed sa sides, etcetera. But no, pag andun ka na any any nalang! Haha.

You take my hand and drag me head first... Fearless!

Nakakatawa coz sa sobrang tagal ng landing, naririnig ko pa sila sa taas saying "Uy naka dekwatro pa sya!" hahaha. Cool sana, but nope hindi ko sadya yan haha.

Now I'm freeee, free fallin', fallin'...

Big splash!

After that one-time-big-time dive, wala na. You won't expect me to do it again, haha. Pax and I were so afraid.. Kahit na for the 3-meter jump lang to get to the snorkelling area, di na namin magawa. Anyway, we looked for our spot to rest, and absorb the adrenaline rush. Sabi namin, siguro kung asa Divergent kami, malamang Dauntless kami, lol.

We also met a lot of friendly tourists who enjoyed sharing their jump experiences and insights. The place is really chill, and reeking of fun and cool people.

We decided to have lunch afterwards. The drinks and pika-pika station (hoarded the kropek and singkamas)

Our yummy lunch, sarap ng potatoes and eggplant!

We spent more time swimming and hanging out, then by 4:30 the crew advised everyone that it's time to go back. Btw, this is the view from the 8-meter plank. Super intimidating siya when you're there, "buwis buhay"!

It was around 5pm na when we arrived back in White Beach. The Petrol x FHM Boracay Grind was already starting...

Pax and I decided to hang around, and just enjoy the beach + sunset muna. Chill time!

My only Ariel's Point souvenir: a baller band. Buti nalang wala akong souvenir na pasa sa legs! Based sa landing ko, super miracle.

Hanging out with the young bloods.. Vina and Kat, who taught me new ootd poses and angles for beach pictures, haha. Dati kasi husay na ng nakatayo at nakatingin sa floor or sa malayo.. Hehehe.

By 10pm, after resting and dinner, we went back to the Petrol x FHM Boracay Grind party at Guilly's. The place was already packed!

Private party? Haha! Thank you so much to Team Petrol not only for the night out, but for this trip! Everyone's super cool and fun to be with!

Amaretto Sour to cap our last night in Boracay.

I also met up with my cousin and her boyfriend, both visiting from Singapore.

The next day, I woke up to a text message...

...That my bff is already in the island! Yehey!

Sayang, because Laboracay flights were always full, Paul's first day was already our last. Spent the next few hours together.

Also saw these Manny-Mayweather pillows, it was a day before the fight.

Last tambay at the beach:

Di ko alam problema ko dito, hehe:

Thank you, self-timer! Hehe. Clingies represent!

Anong nanyari bff? :D May pawis daw sa eyes niya, haha kawawa!

On our way to Two Seasons for lunch... Four Cheese Pizza, my favorite! Wee, pede na mag carbs loading at pauwi na! :D

I don't know how to end this post other than thanking Petrol Philippines for this wonderful opportunity! I've been to Boracay a lot of times already, but the brand's itinerary gave it a new light by bringing us during the popular Labor Day season (my first time), and for letting us try new things I never thought I'll be doing! Or maybe I did, but not this soon! Haha! Thank you!!! Journey to Freedom talaga!

Read my Part 1 post HERE.
A BIG THANK YOU to Petrol Philippines for this trip! 
Special thanks to Shannen and Paolo for taking care of us!
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  1. Heeeeyyyyy!!! May special appearance ako! Haha. Ang ganda ng photos and entry. Kahit may mga lumot on some parts, Boracay will still remain on top of my list for a quick escape from reality. Same as Baguio!


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