200 Peso BU Finds

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Bloggers United is just around the corner! Aside from emptying my closet for my own selling stall, I am also readying my pockets for another round of hardcore SHOPPING SPREE. Yep that's right, I go home almost break even after hunting and scoring really CHEAP finds in my fellow fashion bloggers' panindas. I usually just use the word AFFORDABLE, but with a Bloggers United Bazaar.. you'll definitely get not just your money's worth but even more!

Here are some of the items that you might be able to take home EVEN WITH JUST 200 BUCKS IN YOUR WALLET when you attend #BU9xSMART this Saturday at the Whitespace Events Place (Makati). 

1) A pair of cute, just slightly used sneakers!
Or other flats and sandals!

2) A pair of sunglasses AND an accessory!
You'll own your dream add-ons at half the price!

3) Beauty essentials!
Score lip gloss, a tube of lipstick, and other BRAND NEW makeup at just P200! Just keep your eyes peeled, and grab the item as soon as you find one!

Aside from these Bloggers United finds, your Php200 will go a loooong way if you're a Sun Prepaid Subscriber! With #SunTU200, get Unlimited Sun Texts, 1,000 texts to all networks, and NOW, 5 hours of Tri-net Calls – valid for 30 days! Make sure to bring ALL YOUR FRIENDS at Bloggers United 9 para mas masaya! Text or even CALL them now using your Sun Prepaid TU 200! :)
Visit THIS PAGE for more info and Sun promos!

Come in your comfortable fashown clothes (denim is our theme, but not required!), a lot of patience, and a GV attitude! This Saturday is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see you guys!!!


  1. ooooh that glasses!! <3

    xoxo, rae

  2. I love the shoes!!!


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