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Thursday, June 04, 2015

June 3, National Bookstore Glorietta

Laureen Uy recently launched her new project: A planner in collaboration with Stradmore Blogberry.

Now on its 8th edition, Stradmore comes out with their most stylish planner to date! For the first time, they collaborated with an influential personality who inspires young individuals. The covers are so cute!

For the yuppies who follow and are inspired by Laureen, the #BeTheBestYou Journal was created. It’s a chic journal notebook which also features the inspirational and encouraging quotes from the planner. It’s available for only P299.75.

Nix Damn P played awesome tunes during the event:

Blogger and one of Laureen's bestie Nicole Andersson as the event's host:

Laureen is very hands-on in creating the planner. Before sealing the deal, she made sure that she has a final say in its over-all look and content. She chose black and white themes to make the planner classic and perfect for everybody.

Fun games with 3 of Laureen's readers!

“We chose Laureen because she embodies the young, hip market. A self-made woman, she has successfully created a massive following from her Break My Style blog (, online clothes boutique, and other ventures,” enthuses Scott Yuyitung,  Stradmore Notes Marketing Director.


For Laureen, this year's Blogberry is more than just a school planner. "Each month covers a topic that encourages you to take a step closer to being the best version of yourself. I asked my siblings, Liz and Vince, and some of my closest friends,  Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Nicole Andersson, Jasmin Curtis-Smith, Julia Barretto, BJ Pascual, Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, Grethchen Ho, JeronTeng, Bianca Gonzales, and Sean Go, to share inspiring and encouraging advice in the pages of the Blogberry #BeTheBestYouPlanner,” she said.

The 15/16 Blogberry University Lifestyle Planner helps you organize and plan your school and personal activities. Get your university life in order with the class and organization, grades and cash trackers. The month-view and week-view calendar makes sure you don’t miss an important schedule or task. It has cheat sheets like how you can Google like a boss, mathematical hacks and MRT/LRT map. While the blog page helps track your journey to become the best you, it’s where you can write down monthly goals, favorite quotes, doodle and even post a selfie.

The Blogberry #BeTheBestYouPlanner is also a lot of fun with the monthly Dress- Me-Up Dolls. “These let you channel the fashionista in you by mixing and matching the fashion stickers to create the look you want for your doll,” enthuses Laureen.

Meet-and-Greet plus signing:

Laureen's friends Mikyle Quizon, Dani Barretto, Lissa Kahayon, Sean Go, Camille Co, Nicole Andersson and Patricia Patrieto:

Of course I also lined up! :)

With my Bloggers United partner and GF Aisa Ipac:

Congrats Laureen! You are a really down-to-earth and hardworking person! You deserve all these blessings, and we will always be here to support you on what's next! :)

For more information about the 15/16 Blogberry University Lifestyle Planner and other exciting Stradmore products, visit, and follow their twitter and instagram @stradmoreblogberry @stradmorenotes.

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