UCC Clockwork Estancia Mall

Friday, June 12, 2015

June 11, UCC Clockwork Estancia Mall

I am a UCC girl, most probably because I like that my coffee is served to me on my table and not have my name called pa in the counter (#TitaProblems). I also love the ambiance (I usually go to the Glorietta branch), filled with older crowd having their quiet time and good coffee. And yes, just because the UCC Iced Coffee is so good and legit, and not just a "dessert coffee" type!

What a thrill then to try a different kind of UCC at the Estancia Mall. After the Pottery Barn / West Elm launch, the Clingies had dinner in this cafe. Dinner, coffee, and after-dinner drinks!

Yep, I was holding SANGRIA! In UCC!!

UCC Clockwork at the Estancia Mall is hip and modern. Still with great service, this UCC is matched with a beautiful "Instagram worthy" interiors:

We stayed inside this secluded area, ideal for big groups or meetings:

Okay, so another surprise is seeing the UCC Clockwork menu ... Expect MORE food selections:


Adobo Floss Pasta 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Tomato Soup

Kori Kohi (ice cubes coffee!)

Everything's good! They also have a whole lot more of options for Lacto Ovo Vegetarians like me! In love with this place already, they even have cheese platters and truffled fries! :p

Desserts! The Matcha Sansrival is so good!

Favorite coffee ko na to! :p I wasn't able to get its name, but the froth is so yummy and goes well with the coffee!

Some of their current promos:

I heard that they also have neat coffee art! I want to try everything! Visit UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork at the Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons in Pasig. Like them on Facebook for more info! 


  1. Omggg matcha sansrival!!! Ganda naman ng UCC dyan!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Creme Caramel Cappuccino!! :) Also my current fave hehe <3


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