Starmobile KNIGHT Elite

Monday, September 28, 2015

Gone are the blogging days when I had to go out lugging 2-3 gadgets at a time. These days, I realized, a good camera phone is already worthy of taking pictures for my online accounts. As long as the quality is good, it doesn't matter if I took it with an inexpensive gadget, or without any special 50mm lens. 

Anyway, I kept on discovering new phones that have quality camera features. Nakakaimpress! One of them was during Starmobile's launch... So happy to attend it with my girls:

Held in Highlands Estancia Capitol Commons, Starmobile launched the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite - a phone with powerful camera.

Slick Rick and Tony Toni, 2/3 of Boys Night Out, as the event's funny hosts:

The secret lies in the three functions exclusive to the Star Cam: ReFocus, Chroma Flash, and Opti Zoom.

ReFocus lets you choose the focal point of your shot after you've taken the photo.. Ala 50mm lens effect! The function works by simultaneously taking FIVE pictures at varying lengths, then compressing them into a single file so you can select a subject to focus on. Super cool!

Chroma Flash takes 2 photos in rapid succession, one with flash and one without, and combines them in a single photo! This is perfect for low-light environments, totally unavoidable.

And lastly, the Opti Zoom shoots multiple photos simultaneously to ramp up the texture and sharpness even of your zoomed-in photos. This results to clearer, cleaner photos compared to regular digital zoom where pictures turn out blurry and grainy.

Demo video:

More pictures during the launch / lunch:

The Starmobile KNIGHT Elite is also beautiful! With its sleek form and Corning Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels, this phone is durable while performance is enhanced by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. It has LTE connectivity and 2 SIM slots and a Micro SD slot.

The Starmobile KNIGHT Elite with Star Cam is now available in Starmobile stores and resellers for just Php 9,990. So happy that we also took home our own Starmobile Play Style Phone! To learn more about this brand, visit or like them on FACEBOOK.

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