Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm a big pop music and happenings fan! Haha, I love them all... Katy vs Taylor? My guilty pleasure. VMAs Nicki Minaj - Miley Cyrus fiasco? Bought them all! Haha. So when I learned that Sun Cellular will bring us to the Carly Rae Jepsen concert, how can I say no? I bought her whole E.MO.TION album on iTunes right away, and listened to her other hits via Spinnr's Manila Concert section!

I am not really the biggest Jepsen fan, I feel like I don't know anything about her, but it's true that concerts turn people into converts. Just a few days ago, Run Away With Me started to play in Ate's car radio, and then I felt this weird tug in my chest. I remembered the good night that was Carly Rae Jepsen's concert, and it did had impact on me!

Entering good ol' Smart Araneta Coliseum with the "twins" Rhea and Tracy, hehe:

Was seatmates with my fellow Sun Cellular ambassador Rowena:

With the twins Tracy and Rhea:

More than her famous Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You, the concert was, indeed, full of E.MO.TION (sorry for the lack of better term, hehe). It's nice that people around me were all game - screaming at the right time, jumping up and down with the pop star while she sings Tonight I'm Getting Over You. I think it's a nice album, everybody can relate to a song or 2 (or all)... like dealing with Boy Problems. I didn't even have time to seat through a song!


Enjoying the night with my dearest friend T, who knows what I was going through that night HAHA. Perfect timing. :)

My favorite, most prob, was when she sang Gimme Love - it felt nice and sad at the same time. While singing and pleading, Carly's background showed black goth hearts flying. Then, transitioned to old romantic film clips of kissing couples. It was romantic and sad.

No grand set or million costume changes, no I didn't even got to know Jepsen during the concert (not much in-between talkies). But I think that's what made her a hit to her fans. She made everything all about us, and little about her. Let hearts tug when I hear her song again on the car radio.

Special thanks to Sun Cellular for my concert tickets.

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