Alden Richards for Snowcaps!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

When I was invited to the launch of Snowcaps' new endorser, I went for it because I love and have been using their soap for months already (blogged about this HERE). I wasn't expecting that the celebrity will be today's hottest star Alden Richards!

Your beauty is worth the wait! Sa tamang panahon? Hehe!

The event was held in Timog, at the Plaza Ibarra. The place looks fancy, like going inside a castle or something. True enough, the hashtag for the launch was #PrinceAldenCharming.

Enjoyed the food first before the program:

Winter-themed, aprub kay Lola Nidora to! Hehe.

Ava at the free flowing bar area:

With Ruth:

Rodel, MJ, and Ava:

With Ava and Ruth:

Then a few hours later, the program finally started. Lights were dimmed, turning the venue bluish, a bit hard to take pictures but then maybe to match the brand's color. 

I love how they introduced Alden. They showed clips on his early career in the showbiz. Also, the actor wasn't coy in sharing his struggle when he started as an actor. 

"It's no secret the challenges I had to go through to get to this point," the Pambansang Bae said. "Maraming pagsubok early on in my career, pero ngayon, napatunayan ko talaga na HARDWORK PAYS OFF. I can definitely say na dumating talaga ang moment ko."

Alden entered the stage from the staircase, like the real "Prince Charming" that he is. Everybody stood up while he sang his hit single "Wish I May (Maine)", a song that recently topped iTunes PH Top Singles List. It was my first time to see him in person since his Aldub popularity boomed. Indeed, you'll admire his "tisoy" complexion, and charming personality.

He went backstage again, while they showed us clips on how Alden surprised random Snowcaps booth customers in different malls. He looks friendly and cool to his fans. I wonder where Snowcaps will visit next?!

Of course, Pabebe Wave, hehe.

Then, Alden is back on the stage for photo ops and Q&A:

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I was only using my iPhone 6 camera that time! 

Cute and wacky, hehe!

I love the Q&A with the press, just because I was able to get to know the actor more. Every interviewer, he will jokingly greet with, "Hindi ko po kayo kilala!", as if teasing an old friend. He was warm and always smiling, which showed of his deep dimples. One distinct line I remembered from the interview was when he compared this Snowcaps event from his former presscons. 

"Dati pag presscon ko, iisang table lang tapos kokonting media. Tapos eto ngayon, tignan nyo!"

Despite the popularity, I admire how Alden remained humble. I can also feel how suuuuper grateful he is for all the blessings. He was saying thank you non-stop! It's no wonder millions of Filipinos here and abroad swoon and take inspiration in Alden. His story is a proof that wishes do come true!

His determination and success made him the perfect embodiment of Snowcaps, the first oral glutathione in the Philippines. A leading skin whitening supplement in the market today, "Tisoy" explained that it's not only to lighten the skin. Snowcaps is also filled with anti-oxidants, and good for your liver.

The brand managed to gather and sustain a strong following, much like the rising star. FDA-approved, 500mg of L-Glutathione formulation, and contains vitamin C, Snowcaps is best for people who have stressful schedule and a busy lifestyle. Just like Alden! It's great for the skin, and also to keep a healthy body.

I was able to go nearer the stage when Alden was about to leave!

Gwapo! Haha!

When asked why he entrusts his skin and overall health to the brand, here's what Alden has to say:

"Bawat tao may hiling. With hard work, I'm lucky that mine has come true and I trust brands that recognize that. That means they probably had the same challenges too," Alden concludes.

Congratulations Snowcaps and Alden Richards! This partnership is a perfect match.

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