Disney and Disneyland Memories

Monday, November 02, 2015

When I first went to Disneyland, it was waaay past my childhood already. The experience was super memorable, nonetheless. I was with my long-time friends from high school, people that most probably I'll go with to the theme park if we had the chance and money when we were still kids. But anyway, one is never too old for Disney and Disneyland!

It was during our Hong Kong-Macau trip in 2009. We had a day dedicated talaga for Disneyland since it was the first time for all of us. We wanted to experience everything

When we entered the special Disney train, with all the cute Hidden Mickey here and there, we were so thrilled, excited, kilig!

I cannot explain! It was our best day ever. Every time I heard When You Wish Upon A Star and Once Upon A Dream, I got teary eyed. 

And so we ate Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream, and rode the epic Space Mountain TWICE:

Took millions of photos in every corner and souvenir shop:

And met the classic Disney characters from Captain Hook, Donald Duck, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse:

With the huge crowd, we also watched the Disney floats during the parade! Hi Snow White!

Kapanahunan pa to ng High School Musical! Hehe.

Four years later, I entered Disneyland again. I was with my whole family during our 2013 holiday trip in LA. To me, at 20+ at that time, it was a long-overdue trip.

 It was a perfect afternoon because it wasn't too cold for a December day in the US. And all over the theme park were these Disney-themed Christmas displays. Sigh.

My favorite duo: Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse:

With my sisters this time, we went around the souvenir shops to take pictures, and then rode the Space Mountain:

 When nighttime fell, with the cooler breeze and lively crowd, we watched the parade of Disney characters in front of the majestic castle. 

Life is but a dream!!!

 Had coffee with my mommy before we left:

Although I don't know when I'm going to another Disneyland and with whom, I am just happy that for the holiday season, Sun Cellular is partnering with Disney to bring the magic here in the Philippines!

Disney on Ice combines world-class skaters, Disney stories, grand costumes, dazzling lights, and enchanting music - the winning combination that made my theme park visits the best days of my life! This year, The Magical Ice Festival will have the theme.... FROZEN!!!

The cold never bothered me anyway! :D Exciting to!

Btw, Sun Cellular is giving away HUNDREDS of #SunDisneyonIce tickets (3 per day from September to December) through their FACEBOOK PAGE. They will also have a raffle and a 5% ticket discount to all loyal Sun Subscribers!

For more information and updates on these promos, visit

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  1. wow, buti ka pa ate ana nakapunta na ng Disneyland. Dream ko din yan eh. haha! :))

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