Past Midnight

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I kind of miss a lot of things tonight. Not in an emo, anxiety-ridden way (in short, not the usual, haha), but sort of just remembering past occurrences at a distance. 

Like the time when you can write and post things like this, and not have to cross-post it on your social networking sites because family and friends were bound to see your new updates on Multiply. 

Or that time when blog entries were as regular as my daily diary habit, and when outfit photos have stories and weren't as crisp as magazine-produced pictures.

I missed the days when I was more driven, not for this blog, but just to write. I miss the thrill of seeing my name in print, knowing the countless hours I've juggled for that piece, along with my required news report and feature articles for journalism classes. And then finally receiving my 3 Php 100 bills for that well-researched, meticulously edited, laborious article. I usually submit more than one article for this part-time job anyway, and as a student, masaya na ako nun! And above all, you know I was in it not for the money.

I miss that fire and my fearlessness. I'm not sure if it's something that goes by because I've let it,
and age made it even harder for me to run after it again.


Anyway, as a tribute to my usual blog endings circa 2006, sharing my current obsession to you:

Good night. :)

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