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Monday, October 26, 2015

"A ship is always safe at the shore... But that is not what it is built for!"

Aside from traveling, I love surprising myself by saying yes to adventures. I push myself by taking part on things that I am not really used to doing. I am not athletic, nor am I competitive. But I enjoy the thrill of experiencing things for the very first time because, to me, "everything is a story to tell".

My long-time weakness: trekking / hiking, as captured by Tracy during our Zambales trip last year, hehehe. This was my nth trekking experience, but I still can't get over my fear of slipping / falling (ayoko ng mga pa-fall! Char).

But above all these, I am proud that I still go for it! Aside from daanin sa confidence at holding hands sa mga kuya, buti nalang I discovered Pioneer Insurance Travel Buddy and Travel Buddy Adventure last weekend.

Early up for our surprise adventure trip to Cavite's Kampo Trexo. I barely slept, coming from a Makati Staycation the night before. Call time was at 5:30am in Makati.

After several hours, stop-overs, and "Are we there yet"-s... Finally, Kampo Trexo!

Just the night before the trip, the organizers made sure we were insured. I finished everything using my phone! Pioneer's InsuranceShop provides easy-to-access insurance coverages you can avail online at your own convenient time and place.

The Pioneer's Travel Buddy Adventure is a new Php 200 travel insurance product comes with 30-day coverage, and entitles you to a maximum benefit of Php 100,000. This covers expenses that may arise in case accidents happen while doing adventurous activities and hobbies. Here's the complete list:

Meanwhile, for your non-adventure type of travels, there's the Pioneer's Travel Buddy which you can avail for Php 100 only. This will cover for any accidents that may occur within 30 days, regardless of how many trips you take.

Bloggers ready to beat antok and all the challenges.

Cloudy, with little rain showers, the day was perfect for outdoor activities.

The Pioneer Insurance team welcomed all the bloggers to the bootcamp!

We were divided into four teams (like Harry Potter colors), and our first task was walang kamatayang group cheering! Hehehe. Since we're the yellow team, we cheered BA-NA-NA ala Minions.

Green Warriors won this round because of their fancy pyramid, hahaha!

Second challenge involved this wall, at hindi ako prepared! After rappelling, we must climb this wall within 20 minutes only / group. 

I always listen to instructions, and ask tips before doing the activities. 

I felt super nervous when I was already at the top of the wall pre-rappell, but our Yellow Team Leader Kuya Noy told me, "Kaya mo yan Ana". I had no sleep and it was "that time of the month", pero lumakas loob ko.

Pang Batang Celeen ad! Lol. 

Thank you Kuya Noy for being the best team leader. He guided and encouraged all our members, but actually, ALL THE TEAMS during the climb! He even brought chalk pang laban slippery hands. I am blessed to be part of this group!

I was able to finish both rappelling and wall climbing, yey! But it took me several minutes and longer resting time than the others, but doon palang I realized it's not about being the best. Go lang ng go, mas nakakabilib when a person doesn't give up even when it's hard for him/her.

Boodle fight and then rest before the next activities. I am grateful that I also met new blogger friends because of this event.

The third challenge was ala Amazing Race where we had to go through several stations, and finish them in 10 minutes only per team.

My arms were still too tired from the wall climbing, but tinawanan ko nalang. Besides, I can't quit - for myself. But most of all, I can't quit for my team. 

So off I go, up the monkey bars, and down the rabbit hole:

Naging chicken nalang ito after the wall climb. But we had lesser time, and since I was the last one from the team to do the activities, hindi ko natapos everything. Then it started to rain nadin. :p

Thanks Paul for these funny pictures! Hahaha! 

We had to traverse this hanging bridge to reach our next activity. I am not too scared of heights, but I was afraid for my phone and other things, hehe.

Group picture with Yellow Team + New Friends before we crossed the bridge:
Kuya Noy, Ruth, JA, and Kuya Mark:

The 4th challenge involved a short trek (hahaha eto na!) where each team had to look for their flags. Buti nalang short lang siya, it rained din kasi so medyo slippery (dami excuses, hehe).

Yey, it was fast nga! Here's our not-so-Yellow flag!

While resting for the next activities, our friends from Outpax talked about their adventure website where you can join or organize an outdoor activity. Read more about that HERE.

So for the 5th challenge, each group chose their MVP, who had to go through a series of scary obstacles. Ang taas niya! Fastest time wins the round.

Paul for Green Warriors, go bff!

Kuya Noy for Yellow:

Nakakabilib na si Mother Earth for Red, girl power!

They have to reach for their team flag above the "We Heart Outpax" tarp to stop the time. 

Then, we all went back to the camp not through trekking (thank God), but through ZIPLINE! Hahaha! Again, I was more afraid for my things, hehehe.

After deliberation and thorough computation by the organizers, Blue Team won over-all during the first Pioneer Adventure! Congrats Papi Rodel's group! They all went home with Cherry Mobile phones:

But again, above the winning and prizes, to me it was all about gaining new friends and learning more about myself. At the end of all these, I am proud and happy I was there and I did my veryvery best. :)

Craving for your next adventures and travels? Make sure that you're covered!

Aside from the travel insurance products (Travel Buddy and Travel Buddy Adventure), Pioneer also offers Php 350 MediCash Dengue Insurance which can provide one-year coverage with Php 10, 000 cash assistance upon diagnosis of Dengue for individuals from 1-70 years old. As a dengue victim last month, nasabi ko talaga na sayang ngayon ka lang!

Happy Campers! Super fun group, and good vibes all the way! Thank you Pioneer and Fleishman Hillard for this experience and for taking care of us! 

Pioneer is one of the top 5 companies that offer non-life insurance coverage in the Philippines. 
For more information on InsureShop and its products, visit and

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