Imono Steel Jewelry + JC De Vera and Lovi Poe as New Celebrity Ambassadors

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jewelries are a big part of my life. I made and sold accessories as my main source of income for several years, and know which ones are of great quality and unique. One of these discoveries is Imono Steel Jewelry. 

Went to Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe to find out more about this homegrown brand.

Hi Sarah! Hehehe.

A little venue appreciation, hehe. Unit 27 may be hard to find, but the place is beautiful and "Instagram worthy"!

Plus, the food is good! I enjoyed my white sauce pasta:

The event's host Cerah Hernandez:

Imono Steel Jewelry started in 2006, with a store at the Mall of Asia. Its name means durable in Japanese, thus earning appreciation and trust from their market. Imono now has over 28 branches in Luzon, and continues to create high quality and affordable jewelries. They have pieces for both men and women.

Ms. Valerie Tang-Hing, General Manager of Imono Steel Jewelry.

Also at the event: JC De Vera and Lovi Poe, the new celebrity ambassadors of Imono Steel Jewelry.

They talked about their favorite Imono pieces, and how blessed they felt for being part of the family.

Aside from defying tarnishing, and resistant to rusting and corrosion, Imono pieces feature elegant and variety of designs - from classic to contemporary. JC loves the wrap steel bracelets for men, while Lovi loves anything rose gold! Imono boutiques also carry his-and-hers or couple's jewelry. Ava's wedding is from Imono!

Cheers to the brand and the new endorsers!

After the program, we went around the stations at the corner of the restaurant to create our own Imono Beads and Charms Bracelets. You can check out the available charms HERE.

What my seatmates came up with:




Here's mine! I tweaked it a little when I got home, but I love everything that I got. Made sure to choose charms that have meaning to me, like a dog charm for Ting, an airplane charm for my travel dreams, and a charm that says "Live Love Laugh" because it's a nice everyday mantra.

Tasteful and timeless, a piece from Imono Steel Jewelry is the perfect gift for special people in your life this Christmas. Or, why not, a reward for yourself. ;)

For more information, list of branches, and view of their designs, follow them on FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram @imonoPH. Visit their website at

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