September Favorites

Saturday, October 03, 2015

When I look back briefly, September felt like a curse. I got really sick for almost two weeks, which made me miss two sessions with my teaching job, an art workshop I've been looking forward to, and two plays and TWO concerts I'd die to watch. Huhuhu. Why!!!

But of course, there's also something about the month that changed me. The 2-week hibernation also led me to a book that turned around my disposition. I've never felt so grateful in my life - and being thankful, even for the littlest things, made me happier. Isn't that the thing that we aim for anyway?

So, presenting the point of this blog post! Here are the things that made me gush last month:

1) Cover Girl Cosmetics

Although I've received several lipstick the past months, I love my tubes of Covergirl because of the variety. Part of their Be Colorlicious collection are several shades for each color category: Pinks, Plums, Reds, and Nudes. Regardless of my current mood and style, I am covered!

2) My Art Materials

During the worst days when I was sick, I turned to my Prang paint palette and Corona notebook instead of my usual blinding cellphone and internet. The feel of the paint brush felt good between my fingers, creating a mindless artwork felt reassuring and nice. I was into painting anything fall season related, my current obsession.

3) Open Art School

For 30 days, Open Art School gave tips, inspiration, and motivation to their students to create art. I chanced upon this online art school and felt the urge to enroll, one of my best decisions last month because it is encouraging, and a nice reminder of what I can do.

4) Buqo and Kindle for Amazon Apps

Thanks to my prepaid VISA, I was able to purchase several books and magazines online without leaving my house or wasting papers or storage space. I'd also like to think that by placing literature on my phone, it will lessen the amount of time I spend on social media, and more on reading good content. Parang dinedeceive ko din habits ko, hehe.

5) Yushoken Experience

Pre-Illness, Ate and I went to Molito in Alabang for a "good dinner". Ate suggested Yushoken, which easily transported us back to our Japan trip. The service and ambiance, superb, the food EVEN BETTER! It is almost close to my favorite Ichiran ramen in Osaka, we got carried away and ordered soda and bottled drinks.

6) Anagon x Whim Manila Phone Cases

One of things that made me so so happy was the good feedback I got from my collaboration with Instagram shop Whim Manila. I was asked to design phone cases, and thought that instead of experimenting on art forms that are not really my forte, why not create designs with my usual medium. I do flatlays almost everyday! 

The designs are all based on things that I love: normcore fashion, Young Adult books, palettes (both makeup and paint), junk food, and traveling.

Please do visit @whim.manila if you're interested in owning one of my designs. :)

7) iFlix Top 200 Movies

Garnering a slot 2nd time in a row, iFlix kept me company during the latter part of my illness. I was bedridden and anxious, but movies kept me in good company. It was an easy source of entertainment, before I knew it, sleeping time nanaman na.

8) "Paper Bag" Lunch Box

Part of the Teen Week 2015 launch press kit, this is actually not a paper bag but a lunch box. My mom thought masisira siya, but it is lined inside! I use it sometimes as my bag, super cute.

9) Scents and Soaps

The past weeks, my mind also drifts on creating soaps, scents, and candles. I am addicted to them! Here are some of favorites which I got last September: Liquid soaps and yummy OLIVE room spray from @SmellChic Instagram shop, and Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street perfume - a classic brand with an interesting history (read HERE).

10) The Magic

And lastly, here's the golden book I've been talking about earlier. From the author of The Secret, this book teaches us how a grateful heart will not only be bless you more, but you will also feel sincerely happy with your life. It also made me re-look at the past month not as a curse, but a big blessing in disguise. :)

Have a SOLID October, my dearest friends!


  1. are those lipsticks matte, love all the colors! :) great post. <3
    -Mickey Grafane

  2. @Mickey thank you so much! They are not matte, medyo satin and gloss finish.. But nice sha (not glittery) especially the reds. :)


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