Cream Silk Leave-On Cream For Your #Beauty911 #AnytimeAnywhere

Thursday, November 05, 2015

There are several moments when my hair just won’t cooperate, and here are the top 3 situations:

1) As a blogger, I have to go to several events in a week day. There are even hectic days when I have to cover 3-5 brand launch! Because I am always on-the-go, and I can't always go to a salon, I often end up with dull and frizzy hair. :p

2) I am also a commuter, which means my tresses accumulate dust, dirt, and grime when I ride the  bus or the MRT. The environment can drain the hair of its natural moisture, by the time I reach my event, my hair is already limp and dry. I have no choice but to tie it, or wear a hat.

3) I love to travel, but I seldom have travel ootds or selfies where I look my best because a) I can only bring so much when I ride a plane with baggage weight limits, and b) I have no  time and would rather enjoy a trip than take a lot of time just to look pretty!

With all these, I think I just found the perfect solution: Philippines’ no. 1 conditioning brand, Cream Silk, has come up with the perfect hair product for the modern woman on the go!

Cream Silk’s Leave-On Cream is a hair polish and leave-on conditioner in one. Before leaving the cab and entering my next event, I smoothen my hair with Creamsilk, giving it instant shine #AnytimeAnywhere. I can let my hair down all day, because it felt lighter, and looks great as is! It also has a light, non-distracting scent.

I like that they also made sure the product is non-greasy; it’s not sticky to apply even when I'm already out, in the bus or the train. You can use this product with either damp or dry hair! The Cream Silk Leave-On Cream is also infused with Hair Reborn Actives, which nourishes the hair from within.

And best of all, the Cream Silk Leave-On Cream comes in a conveniently sized 40ml applicator, so I can bring it with me even during my travels. It’s the best product out there to keep your crowning glory frizz-free even on long plane rides.

How To Use:

1) Start with a pea-sized amount of product on your palm.
2) Spread across your hands, and work the cream evenly into your hair from root to tips.
No need to wash your hair, and notice how it is even more beautiful in just one application!

Cream Silk’s Leave-On Cream is available in all major retailers for only Php 49.00. For more information and updates, follow Creamsilk on FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram @creamsilkPH.

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