October Favorites

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Life is fast and short, before we knew it, it's already November! I still have a bit of anxiety every time I remember my half-hearted promise to spend the Holidays with my family in Maryland every year... But oh well, financial and time constraints is telling me that there's always a next time. 

Anyway, here are my October favorites! Plans may not be fulfilled on my own time, but life has it's own way of making me appreciate what's here and now. :)

1) Lifehouse Concert was a dream come true! 

Was supposed to watch Gen Ad, but received last minute Patron tickets! Special thanks to @nicherautomatic and SpinnrPH! Read more on this HERE.

2) One Year Partnership with Pink Parlour!

I am super happy to be part of the Pink Parlour family, and have my nails, wax, or tan (!) done in their salon. Always love their service and their people!

3) @casemestore Water Baby "Aquarium" Phone Case!

An eye-catcher and a conversation starter. Visit to order or check out the other designs!

4) Get Go Card

To best describe this, it's like an SM Advantage Card where you can earn points when you fly via Cebu Pacific! The best part is, you can even get points when you also support brands and other partners of Get Go. More on this at! Excited to fly!

5) Eleanor and Park

Finally finished the book after starting it months ago! I love it, naalala ko uli how it felt to be kilig. Hayayayay!

Speaking of kilig...
6) Hintayan ng Langit

Thanks to Virgin Labfest Campus Tour in CSB, I was able to watch Hintayan ng Langit by Juan Miguel Severo. It has been a while since theater made an impact on me! Read more HERE. This was before JMS' appearance in OTWOL as Rico. I also got addicted with watching Spoken Word on Youtube.  

7) Chanel Lipstick

After several trips to Rustans Makati's beauty section, I finally bought my first Chanel! I think it's a great buy because of the beautiful packaging. A tube costs Php 1650, just Php 650 away from your usual MAC! I got a dark brown shade, and received compliments when I wear it (even without mentioning the brand).

8) Nightly Regimen

I haven't been taking care of my skin for the past months, but thanks to the Kiehl's blog get-together, I was reminded on the importance of having a skin routine. Loving everything, so far! More HERE.

9) Beach Waves Hair

Here's what's keeping me busy the past days: Selling Beach Born Sea Salt Hair Spray! It's a product by my friend @sarahtirona, and a formula that I believe in myself! Try it to achieve beach waves hair that is fuss free, especially for low maintenance people like me! Email me at if interested (Php 180 only), or join my Instagram giveaway @anagon!

10) Food Trip with Ate Ka!

Tried two new restaurants with my Ate! Thank you Boon Tong Kee and Four Seasons Hotpot!

11) Let's Get Physical!

Another memorable day last October was during our Pioneer Bloggers' Challenge in Cavite! I wasn't conditioned for the activities, had zero sleep, but still enjoyed the overall experience! More HERE.

12) Imono Charm Bracelet

Now I get the craze on charm bracelets! Made mine with Imono, choosing the charms that have meaning to me (coffee, cross, dog, airplane, etc). More on the brand HERE.

13) The Smell of Summer

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba is my new feel-good scent! A spray reminds me of lounging under the sun, fruit shake in hand, with the sound of the waves as background music. More on this scent and their launch HERE.

14) Trusty Backpack

I love my backpacks, and last month I found a new favorite! It's a Herschel in dark chambray, with black leather and corduroy details. I use it for the gym, though I am meaning to bring it as well on my out of towns! :) More on #CityLimitless HERE.

And lastly, of course!
15) The Return of My Snapchat + Clingies Makati Staycation!

When all my friends use the app again, I decided to revive it and post a lot of pointless things, haha! Had a great time documenting Clingies' Holiday Inn Makati overnight stay - from our room service pig-out, to things we do when we cannot sleep! :p More HERE.

Follow me on Snapchat anagon1986, haha! Made the account during my Swiftie phase! ;p


  1. Looooove this post!!!! Super curious about the new scent & Chanel lippie!!

    1. Thanks beb!!! :) Dami ko pang eedit pagkauwi na mga typo / grammatical errors hehehehe!

  2. totally gonna check out a bunch of these things--they look super cool!

    did you add more charms to your imono bracelet? it's so perfect huhuhu <33


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