Jessy Mendiola for Avon Sheer Passion

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I LOVE Jessy Mendiola! She's actually one of the few celebs that I am not ashamed to profess my love (love you Jessy!), hehe. She is candid, transparent, and real... When she's hurt or bullied online or brokenhearted, everyone knows and I think it's doubly hard for her as a public figure. But I admire how she dealt with these things. Plus, Jessy is also really talented and ang ganda nya!

I think that's why Avon chose her to be the endorser for their new fragrance line Sheer Passion:

With a slumber party theme, the event was held at the Shakespeare function hall of Discovery Primea last Tuesday. The place looks great! When we entered the intimate venue, we were first led to a separate room to change our outfits. It was a long day for me, so I welcomed anything comfortable and fresh!

Traded our shoes for comfortable fuzzy slippers:

And chose silk robes:

Played around ala bridal photo ops at the backstage:
Hi Ruth! Hehehe.

When we went out, we were able to smell and compare the three variants of Avon Sheer Passion: So Alluring, Very Captivating and Simply Tempting.

There's a bed in the venue! Tempted to sleep before the program started, hehe...

My favorite: The musky scent of Very Captivating.

Dinner and refreshments were served:

Low tables and bean bags. Everyone's so cute in their robes! 

Avon Philippines Marketing Director Jean Reyes shared how happy and proud she is to welcome Jessy Mendiola as the ambassador for Sheer Passion.

She said, “Sheer Passion is all about the lighter side of sexy. This fragrance isn’t about being the stereotypical seductress; it’s for the woman whose confidence makes her stand out from the crowd. It’s for the modern Filipina who is not fearful to let everyone know that she’s arrived. Jessy’s stunning sexiness and bubbly personality make her the perfect endorser for Sheer Passion. She is the picture perfect embodiment of Sheer Passion’s 3 variants.

Host Cerah with Jessy Mendiola:

Together with Jessy Mendiola and host Cerah Hernandez, guests took part in various games that made them discover the best fragrance notes to match their personality and determine their playful sexy score when they find themselves in different situations. 

Sobrang patawa the choices!

Personality test! So Alluring, Very Captivating, or Simply Tempting?

I also like the Q&A part, because we were able to witness Jessy's spontaneous answers. She said that sexy, beyond the physical, is also about one's personality. For the actress, her "sexy" side is her ability to just laugh things off--to just take things lightly to get by, day-by-day. :)

“I am grateful for being part of the amazing Avon family. I am honored by how the company for woman has entrusted me to be their endorser for the freshest fragrance line,” Jessy said.

Avon Philippines with their comeback-endorser (Jessy used to model for Avon's Missy Underwear!).

And of course, ended the day with a photo op! During my turn, Jessy started to fix my hair and robe (told you nahiga na ata ako sa bean bags, haha). Ang sweet nya!

Sheer Passion embodies confidence, and a tempting beauty, as you leave a trail of captivating scents. This is a new collection of sexy fragrances for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Avon’s Sheer Passion Collection is available nationwide starting Nov 15, 2015 through Avon Representatives, or through the new Avon APP! Follow them on Facebook and @avonPH on IG and Twitter for more updates!

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