Bloggers United 10

Friday, December 18, 2015

I can still remember Bloggers United's past collaborations with World Bazaar Festival because they all had been epic. Ang unforgettable nung first one because we had it for 2 days, and it was when I met and talked with Shay Mitchell (more here).

And so at 2015, we're back at the World Trade Center for BU10xSMART. All the planning, meetings, and preparations went by, and before we knew it, it was ingress time again! I almost got late that day at hindi narinig ni mom alarm nya! Haha, stress! Good thing our ever-reliable intern Alex Delfin was already there and took charge. I am sometimes awed at how our BU interns grew into independent, reliable organizers. Ang galing galing na nila talaga, and I'm super proud of them!

As always, madaming paandar ang World Bazaar Festival for Bloggers United's venue. They created these for us:

Music committee! Hehehe, trying to figure out the sound system with Pax and Kelly Medina!

Busy bees! Trice and Seph adding tag price to their panindas:

Went to AJ Dee's booth and saw the Enchong standee! They also sold his clothes there, yey! Sana next time may presence na, hehehehe.

Cuties! Danika and Alyssa:

Alam nyo ba na they are cousins? Yuki and Sarah:

Few minutes left before gates open, and our super supportive sponsors were all ready!

Fly Shades:

Nailaholics and Hey Sugar:



My First Dibs winner + her baby had the chance to go around before everyone!

When I looked outside, saw this loooong line waiting for 10am! :D The fuzzy feeling never gets old!

We're ready for you! Team World Bazaar Festival x Bloggers United all set for the kagulo!

And finally, gates were opened! These travel-themed ecobags were provided by World Bazaar:

Woohoo! Jampacked!

The tandem booth of my mommy and Pax's Nico! Hehehe!

Arisse De Santos' booth:

Ang serious nila Krissy and Alex!

Krissy and her #KrissyfiedMakes postcards: 

My BU babies! Ex-interns, now BU Bloggers Arnie and Christine. Love love love them!

My bff Paul and his full booth set-up + new hair style!

Kelly Medina sold stuff he used for styling Alden Richards in Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye!

My support group, my loves! Paxie and Tracy!

Cutie Bea Benedicto's booth signages were a hit on Twitter! Plus, I love her belt bag, hehe.

Vina, David, and Hezy:

Our BU first-timer Melissa Gatchalian.. Who is also one of the few Preview's Best Dressed this year! Proud of this girl!

The cute booth set-up of Domz and JL! Always mapaandar, love it!

Our event partner's set up! Smart Communications area allowed goers to have their Instagram pictures printed on-the-spot, for free! They also gave away a Smart iPhone 6S to one lucky winner who posted that day! :D

Our host Paul at the Smart Communications booth (Hello Nadine Lustre standee, hehehe!)

Jasmine Curtis' booth:

Shopee's booth was a blockbuster! Ang saya ng roleta game! 

Mikyle Quizon:

Paul interviewing World Bazaar's Woobie! Hehe!

Sarah's booth paandar: Beach Born + Free hair curling sesh for everyone! Haha!

Sarah and Arnie:

Ever-supportive Kiana Valenciano:

Ang cool ng booth nya! :)

Patricia Prieto:

Availing @MyFlawless' free GCs by just taking a photo with their paandar!

Finally, papa AJ Dee is here! :D

The Verns' booth! Spot their supportive momma! :)

Jam-packed hallway!

Mel being interviewed by Chinoy TV:

The super cute (and blonde!) Cher Lui-Pio!

David Guison talked during Shopee's segment on how easy it is to sell via their app! Download Shopee now to buy from David! Or sell din kayo, hehe!

Pretty blogger besties Patricia, Nicole, and Lissa!

Mikyle, Cher, and Miko!

With one of my BU photographers, and an old friend since Candy Magazine days: CJ Alayon!

 Go mommy! Hehehe!

 Selfie with my little sister Arnie + Kelly!

During the Flawless segment, they had Mike Miguel, Cha Ocampo, and Michael Macalos on stage. They also played a cute Flawless soaps Jenga game!

People took turns doing the VV pose with Vern and Verniece! Ang galing!

Thank you so much World Bazaar Festival for partnering up again with us!

One of my purchase that day: A Turo-Turo movie ticket, featuring AJ Dee! Hehe!

Miko, Cher, and Dani!

Cute ecobag paandar:

Photo op with Smart's DJ!

Yey, Jasmine Curtis arrived late in the afternoon!

Thank you for supporting Bloggers United, Jas! Love you!

My haggard but happy OOTD! Haha! Travel ang theme, so I went for my Japan-Japan look by wearing GU top and skirt + a Zalora cities bag!

Groufie! With Paul, Ashley, Ava, and Krissy!

May humahabol! The ever supportive Rejjisheart! :)

Japan talk, as always, with Ashley Dy. :) Love this girl! Wisteria na to! :p

With Paxie, Tracy, and Jasmine aka Team Tulog! Haha!

My super sipag BU interns used my phone for a selfie! Hahaha! Hi Chelsi, Ruth, Alex, and Monica! :)

A big congratulations to the winner of the Smart iPhone 6S! Super swerteeee! :D Received her new phone with Smart Communication's Christine, David, Angela, and Paul:

My loves, my support group, my shock absorbers! Tracy, Paul, Pax, and Sarah aka The Clingies! :D 

Love you guys!

And of course, I can't imagine Bloggers United without this team! I am proud to have formed a group who all have initiative, are really good in what they do, and bonus pa na they are super fun to work with! My BU10xSMART Angels: Partner Pax, Chelsi, Ruth, Monika, Alex, Phya, and Nato!

And of course, a big thank you as always to my supportive parentals + Ate Dely for helping me man my stall! I am the luckiest when it comes to family, thank you!

As with all BU, I am still learning a lot from this experience. There is no degree in organizing a bazaar, but I really really really try my best (with my BU Partner Pax of course!)  to make every Bloggers United the best! It will not be possible if not for all sponsors and event partners, our BU team, and all the participating bloggers who were there to help us promote the bazaar! MARAMING SALAMAT!

And because above earning from the bazaar, Bloggers United is really created to meet YOU all our dear readers.. A twice a year encounter where we can put a face in all the usernames we always just see online- on our Instagram posts, blog comments, and Twitter... I am grateful for each and every one of you. THANK YOU for making Bloggers United a meaningful event for me, a task that gives me heartaches but also makes me feel proud of myself both at the same time.

I used to say that, "Hanggang 10 nalang tayo a guys!" because it's really not easy to put up a BU. You'll encounter a lot of challenges, unintentionally cross people because of all the pressures and stress (hindi ako sanay sa away guys!), and of course, it really eats up a lot of my time. Plus, the culture in blogging and the online world have changed a lot the past years, priorities have shifted for a lot of my fellow bloggers. But when I see the old faces come back to Bloggers United year after year, season after season, it gives me enough reason to still pursue this event. Habang may gusto pa nito. Kaya ko pa!

Till BU11, and beyond!

Love you guys!


  1. Love you Beb!! Salamat sainyo ni pax Na Ang effort niyo mag BU! I've always had happy experiences and if not for your efforts to make it the best every single time, I don't think may BU pa til now! Love ya gals!!

    1. Thank you Beb! A little appreciation goes a long way. :) <3 #BUfeels hahaha! :D


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