Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I've been using Snow Skin Whitening Soaps for months already. I'm a proud user, I really love its effect on my skin! 

Got so excited when I learned that the brand just released new revolutionary products with the same powerful ingredients and effects: Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and the Snow Skin Whitening Cream!

My new nightly regimen:

From the makers of SnowCaps & MySlim, Vida Nutriscience Inc., Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Snow Skin Whitening Lotion are the only products of its kind that contain 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives.

Unlike other expensive skin whitening brands, Snow Skin Whitening contain high percentage of concentration of ALL these 7 ingredients. Usually, whitening brands just use a very small percentage of just one of these Whitening Actives, and mix it with cheaper actives like papaine or Kojic Acid.

Really love the cute packaging and convenient airless dispenser of Snow Skin Whitening:

Now, here are the 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives that are present in Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream:

1. IBR TCLC ( Colorless Carotenoids )

2. IBR SnowFlakes
3. AlpaFlor GigaWhite
4.Melfade ( Bearberry Extract )
5. Alpha Arbutin
6. Beta Glucan ( SymGlucan )
7. Phenylethyl Resorcinol ( SymWhite 377 )

These are also clinically proven to whiten the skin, even-out your skin tone, and promote anti-ageing!  

Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Snow Skin Whitening Lotion guarantee results as early as 7 Days of usage. I am super excited to use these products after abusing my skin with beach trips and direct sun exposure while commuting.

Snow Skin Whitening Lotion - Php 799.00 / 175mL

Product claims:
Skin whitening, cell repair, and skin protection.

Directions for use:
Apply generously all over the body, targeting uneven skin tones on your elbows, knees, neck, and nape.

Snow Skin Whitening Cream - Php 1,499.00 / 50mL

Product claims:
Get luminous white skin that is naturally bright. Redeem your youthful glow. For hyperpigmentation including dark spots, age spots, acne marks, old scars, uneven skintone, and melasma.

Directions for use:
After cleansing and toning, apply a generous amount onto your face.

One of the 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives in the Snow Skin Whitening products is Alpha Arbutin, which costs around Php125,000 per liter. It is expensive, but highly effective in lightening ones complexion. Most manufacturers use only 0.01% of Alpha Arbutin for higher profit margins, but Snow Skin Whitening products proudly use 2%, which is the recommended % for whitening effect!

All of the 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives are expensive, but Snow Skin Whitening guarantees that they apply the recommended % for its whitening effect.

My Experience with Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream:
It has been a week since my Baler beach trip, and my "t-shirt line" is still very evident. I tried using Snow Skin Whitening Lotion for just a few days, which blurred these "lines" already. I like the scent of both the lotion and the cream, and that they are not sticky after application. Skin also felt moisturized and more radiant than before.

Available in Mercury Drugstores and Watsons. 

For more information and updates, follow Snow Skin Whitening on FACEBOOK, @snowskinwhite on Twitter, and @snowskinwhite7 on Instagram. Visit :)


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  2. do you recommend these products for whitening


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