Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am always interested in finding out a person's first job, and all the challenges and stories that come with it. You get to know someone better with these little tidbits of his or her past. As for me, I've been a big-time raketera ever since I was in college. I remembered not being too active in school organizations, BUT pushing my way through extra-curricular activities outside the campus.

I used to write A LOT in several publications and firms, including Candy Magazine, Smart Parenting, several online portals, Current Magazine (Meralco's company publication), and even for PR firms (shoe brands, campaigns, Sofitel, etc). I can't imagine how I juggled all these with my acads, but I saw "souvenirs" last New Year's Eve when I decided to fix all my closet. I even edited thesis papers! 

I can write and write and not get tired (just give me more coffee, haha), and I realized how even now this manifested in how I quickly update my blog after events! Nasanay ako sa deadlines! :)

My other job is as an online seller for my brand Anagon Collection. This was waaay back during Multiply Marketplace days, and uncongested online selling community. We were so few, I felt that it's a whole new, exciting ball field! I sold accessories that I made day everyday, joined bazaars, and my Candy Magazine family even helped me pursue my passion by regularly featuring my works

I am forever grateful for Candy! One time, my work landed on their cover:

I had my own calling card for the bazaar stints, and organized photo shoots for my new collections:

Now that I think about it, one of the struggles I encountered during my "first job" is budget allocation.  The moment I stepped out of school, I had to make do of what I earn. How can I maximize having all the tools and technology that I need in my online work, without spending too much?

Lucky are those who are graduating this year, Sun Cellular offers a solution for some of your #firstjobproblems. With their Plan599, you get to surf, call, and text in your FREE phone, tablet, and pocket wifi! Just about everything that I needed when I started my online shop and freelance writing work. Ang swerte nyo! :D

The plan includes unlimited Sun calls and texts, 200MB data for your phone and 250MB data for the pocket wifi, and 250 texts to other networks. Imagine not needing to look for wifi na or run out of load with this affordable Sun postpaid offer.

If you have time to make kwento, do comment below, or Tweet me, or post and tag me on Instagram and tell me about your own first job/s and #firstjobproblems. I'd love to read them. :)

Continue inspiring!

For more information on Sun Cellular Plan599, visit Check out Sun Postpaid application requirements HERE. Follow me on Snapchat at anagon1986. :)


  1. Meralco and Smart Parenting? Whoa! My first job was at the food industry! As a waiter. Ayun, di ako nagtagal. Ma-pride ako eh.

  2. Mala Marvin Agustin ka pala e! :) Hehehe!


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