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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I have my fitness goals listed few days before ending my dorm life. It was a month of eating junk, sometimes I just eat chips in 7Eleven for dinner (sorry body, hehe). 

Anyway, some of my fitness goals include: 1) Get fitter and less mahingalin, 2) Get healthier, and watch everything that I take in, and 3) Get stronger, and participate in more sports.

Aside from getting a lifetime gym subscription (I know, it's an impulsive decision!), I also enjoy discovering detox drinks. Kilo Off stands out because of its cute packaging and products are made in France.

I am about to try them palang, so no review on this post. Just want to introduce you guys to the brand and its products. Kilo Off is available in the following forms:

1) Kilo Off Liquid Drink Orange (Php 795) - Has Rhubarb, Acacia, and Tamarind that facilitates digestion and help relieve a swollen stomach.

96% of women lost weight up to 15lbs. maximum loss over a 20 day period based on Efficacy Study no. 2204 conducted in France over 20 days of usage; Kilo Off is Watsons Hong Kong’s back to back slimming product of the year.

Btw, this can be taken in the evening to ease the stomach at the end of each day. 

2) Kilo Off 24 (Php 850 / 30 Capsules) - For those who want to slim down with maximal efficacy, day and night. 

Taken 2x a day (before breakfast and before dinner) for regular slimming, or 4x a day for intense slimming (2 before breakfast and 2 before dinner). Kilo Off 24 burns fat, keeps a flat stomach, detoxifies, improves digestion.

3) Kilo Off 4 in 1 (Php 995 / 10 Sachets) - A powder drink for those who want to slim down by acting on all weight inducing factors but are hesitant to try pills or surgery.

Kilo Off 4 in 1 is taken 1/day (morning) for 20 days maximum, with 15 day rest in between. A global and complete action to lose weight, this drink burns fat, drains water and toxins, keeps a flat stomach, and reduces craving

All Kilo-Off drinks are recommended with a healthy amount of diet and exercise. Kilo Off is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France, is BFAD- approved, and possesses natural ingredients unseen in similar weight loss supplements to ensure a healthier route to weight loss. Kilo Off is exclusively available in selected Watsons branches nationwide. 

For more info, follow Kilo Off Philippines on Facebook and Instagram @kilo_off / #KiloOff.

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