How To Achieve Whiter Teeth

Friday, May 20, 2016

I love using red lipstick, but I noticed that it works well on girls with pearly whites. Plus, I drink coffee a lot so a little help will do. I can't deny that a nice smile boosts self confidence! If you're one of those who are conscious with having whiter teeth, read up for some tips on how to achieve this.

1) Drinks like coffee, tea, and wine stains the teeth, so one solution is to avoid these... But nope! I can't let go of coffee! Instead, you can try eating more APPLES. Yup, I read that eating apples instantly helps clean and even whiten the teeth. Chew on that crunchy apple to remove excess food and bacteria from your teeth's surface, plus, apples contain MALIC ACID which is used in teeth whitening products because it dissolves stains!

2) Gargle on Apple Cider Vinegar to remove teeth stains and kill bacteria on mouth and gums. Apple cider vinegar also whitens teeth! To use, dilute half teaspoon to a cup of water, and gargle in the morning. Brush teeth as usual, after gargling.

3) Since we regularly brush our teeth, why not use a toothpaste with whitening properties? Beyond cleaning and fresh breath, Closeup launches a product with teeth whitening innovation. 

The Closeup Diamond Attraction is co-created with Cosmetic Dentists, enabling visibly whiter teeth in just ONE BRUSH. 

“What elevates Closeup Diamond Attraction from other whitening toothpastes in the market is that it utilizes Blue Light Technology through a blue covarine foam that lessens the yellow tones on teeth, making teeth look whiter and brighter, instantly,” says one of the country’s top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Cecile Infantado.

Closeup Diamond Attraction was also tagged as one of the 2015 Best in Beauty picks by top celebrity makeup artist Xeng Zulueta.

What I like about Closeup Diamond Attraction is its pretty packaging, nice taste, and is affordable and easily available in groceries and supermarket. I also learned that the product is 100% vegetarian!

Do you have more tips for a whiter, brighter smile? Comment below! You can also read more teeth whitening tips from Clozette by clicking HERE!

By the way, thank you Clozette and Closeup Diamond Attraction for helping me smile whiter and brighter! With this, I am spreading the love by giving away a box of Closeup Diamond Attraction for you to try!

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  1. wow wanna try this CloseUp Diamond Attraction coz my teeth have stains from coffee and tea I drink.

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