DIY Flats with Faux Pas Paris

Friday, July 08, 2016

When you find the LBD (Little Black Dress), or white t-shirt, or the pair of jeans that suits you best, they say that your fashion life becomes easier as you only need to accessorize. Imagine if it is the same thing with your shoes! That's what I felt after trying on my first Faux Pas Paris - to me, the perfect pair of pointy nude flats.

Wearing the Faux Pas Vendome in Latte. I described it as nude, but the brand's CEO himself, Sir Philippe Millieret, told me, "It's not nude, it's latte." I like it better, actually! It's as French as the product line's origin.

Faux Pas Paris started in 2013, a DIY lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire women to embrace not only their uniqueness, but also their madness. The brand name itself connotes not being cool, but being your own crazy self - To not be afraid to shake things up and create a blunder. I think a lot of women can relate to that!

Sir Philippe Millieret talks about his brand with so much passion:

Sir Philippe Millieret went table to table during the intimate event, I enjoyed listening to his stories about the Anouk shoes, and where its name came from (an old Hollywood glamorous actress). He also taught us how to remove and replace the Jams: 

Yep, that's the highlight of a pair of Faux Pas Paris... You can change its pins or "Jams" according to your mood for the day or style. I like the bows:

What's your pick?

These waterproof footwear is perfect for the rain. Want another plus points? Faux Pas Paris is made from eco-friendly PVC materials! 

Here are the available styles in the Philippines, available exclusively in Res|Toe|Run stores:

As mentioned earlier, the Anouk - an unusual style for plastic shoes because of its half-inch heels. Making it a classy, elegant style in my books!

The classic ballerina flats style, or the Opera Flats:

In between round-toed and pointy flats, the Haussman:

If you're more comfortable with sandals, they have the Cannes:

Even with the sandals, the Jams are still interchangeable!

And of course, my first choice which is the Vendome - their pointy flats that will look great for both casual and formal events.

The event was held yesterday at the beautiful Le Petit Souffle at the Century City Mall, Makati:

Guests worked on their DIY projects, including the canvass shoe pouch and design-your-own Jams:

Seph and Trice won prizes for their artworks:

Team Vest! Haha!

Shoefie with Ashley and Sarah! I like all styles, actually!

But currently enjoying my own Faux Pas Paris. SRP is from Php 2500.

Like the Parisian woman, Faux Pas' charm is being effortlessly glam. This brand is for fun-loving individuals who are not afraid to get a little foolish - rain or shine! :)

To know more about Faux Pas, visit fauxpasparisPH on Facebook. Or check out the following social media handle and hashtags: @fauxpasparisPH, #FauxPasParisPH #CraftToCharm 

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