Life In Squares: Dave Poblete

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thinking of making a regular Life In Squares segment in my blog where I ask 9 random questions to different personalities so you can also get to know more about these people that I admire and look up to! 

For my first feature, meet my AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016 bet Dave Poblete.

All photos used in this post are not mine, but provided by the featured personality. Here goes!

1) Favorite kind of food?

Pasta and Filipino Dishes (Too mainstream? Haha!). I made it a point to learn how to cook. Sometimes I cook so I have something to post on Instagram. Lol.

2) Mountain or Sea?

Sea. Because I usually capture beautiful sunsets by the sea.

3) Black and White or Colored?

Black and White. There's this certain amount of drama when a portrait is B&W. Though I rarely have B&W photos, when I do have them, its something special. Plus, most of the time I wear black. #FattyProblems

4) Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram. I like Snapchat, but I love Instagram. I get my daily dose of inspiration from IG.

5) Something you are proud of?

That I finally mastered my Dad's adobo! Haha! I've been trying for years!

6) Bucketlist for the last few months of 2016?

a) To travel somewhere.
b) Eat more food I haven't tried before.
c) To be the best lover (chos!).

7) What do you do on your free day?

Free days are for sleep and binge watching movies.

8) Favorite photo / photographer (not yours).

Steve Mccurry.

9) Fun fact about you?

I used to weigh 200lbs, but the moment I held a camera, I lost my excess baggage.

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