As Usual, A Year-Ender (2016)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

In 2016, my dominating word was BRAVE. I don't know how this surfaced, but it aptly summarized my year. It was also the word I held on to during anxiety-driven circumstances. My favorite phrases? "Kaya ko to!", "Aja!", at dahil kinain nako ng k-drama, "Fighting!". 😂 Pretty soon I was, not necessarily winning, but winging every challenge along the way.

Maybe you heard me whisper "Let's do this!" before getting off the tour van in Malaysia for another activity or water sport, or before entering the venue of another Bloggers United.

It is the year that I first traveled solo, the year I tried living alone in a dorm for a month. I also got my first tattoo, made a political stand, went on two different trips with "strangers" (now friends), and started to commit to a business again. It was difficult, but hey, I did it!

This is the part where I share some 2016 photos / highlights:

Hong Kong on January 1, 2016. Spent the first day of the year traveling!

One month dorm life along EDSA, which taught me to be self-reliant:

Summer Boracay trip, first time with my sisters:

Beautiful Spring in Seoul with Paul and Tracy:

Opportunities to travel around the country because of my blog:
Bohol, Baguio, Baler, Pampanga (giant swing!), and Coron.

Blessed with artistic and carefree group Japan In Manila girls. We met regularly to art-journal and try Japanese restaurants:

A very memorable Japan trip with Pax and Sarah!

Most beautiful beach for me, Puerto Princesa with Marj:

Got my first tattoo from artist @curiouswiji, a lone cherry blossom:

Took a risk, and said yes! One week in La Union with my favorite Millenials:

Biglaang Malaysia with AirAsia with a group of strangers turned friends! This was just a day after LU!

Winging another two Bloggers United events this year with Pax!

Solo travel in Seoul-Jeju:

People will blame 2016 for a lot of things and personal mishaps, dubbing it as "the worst year ever", but I would like to think that it had been a long but meaningful 365 days of learning and growing and stretching. May the blessings make us more grateful, and the challenges make us stronger. When a bad day comes in the coming year, may we look back on this year and say to ourselves: "We made it through 2016, how bad can this get?" 


  1. I am so happy to be part of your 2016!

    Cheers to many travels and adventures! Happy new year Anagon!!!! :)

    1. Thank you for reading Ruthie! To more Figaro dates, and travel stories. Loved listening to yours! <3

  2. Hi Ana! May I know the exact dates when you went to South Korea for spring? Just trying to estimate if I will be able to catch the cherry blossom season there this year. :) Thank you!

    1. Hello! :D We went after Holy Week 2016, mga 2nd to 3rd week is perfect na for Spring in Korea! :)


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