LOTTE DAY! Lotte Aquarium + Lotte Adventure + Lotte Mall

Monday, April 10, 2017

Finally found some time to write again! I missed blogging after weeks of traveling and post-travel workload. I have to say now, on my blog's birth month (blogging since 2005!), that for me writing after my travels is very essential. It gives me a chance to process what happened during the trip, and also keeps bits and pieces of memories that I can easily look back to in the future. 💖

So on that Sunday, my last full day in Korea, my friend Marj announced that it's the first day of Spring! 🌸 The thought of ticking one item from my 2017 travel bucket list (to experience the four seasons) felt really really good and exciting. 

We went out together for brunch in a nearby 24-hour resto. 

I ordered the veggie gimbap and spicy noodles with cheese, while Marj had the dumplings. Everything's so so good AND CHEAP! Now craving for the noodles, huhu, sobrang solid!

Marj went with me to Lotte World, before she left to study in a nearby cafe. The Lotte compound is just outside Jamsil Station, and it turned out to be really HUGE! Clear instructions to get my tickets were sent via email prior this date, so I followed them accordingly.

I have two Lotte tours for that day: Lotte World and Lotte Aquarium, thanks to Trazy's 2-in-1 package. If you also want to avail a whopping 40% discount, then pre-book these two attractions on their website!

First stop....


B1-B2, Lotte World Mall, 10am - 8pm

I decided to go to the Lotte World Aquarium first, aiming for a chill morning. Lotte World Aquarium is the BIGGEST water tank in Korea, with over 650+ different species! I saw different kinds of jellyfish, a beluga whale, penguins, sharks, stingrays, and even sharks! The whole place is so cool and clean, it's nice to go around and take pictures of the unique sights. 

Selfie coz I have no one to take my pictures, huhu! Lol! The guests that day were mostly kids, solo locals, or couples on a date. It was a peaceful activity, so I recommend it for everyone.. especially the kids! They loved it. It's also a nice activity for travellers during the cold or rainy months in Seoul, when it's best to stay indoors.

I encountered an interactive "touch or feed the fishes / starfish" section, and the young ones were ecstatic with the experience! I love that I was able to go around peacefully, take nice pictures, and not be bothered by usual crowds.


240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 9:30am-10pm (last admission 4pm)

First of all, I think the indoor theme park concept is just perfect here in sunny, hot Manila! 🔥🌞 Lotte World Adventure is the best of so many worlds: outdoor scary rides at the Magic Island, indoor rides, parades, an ice skating rink, plus I even entered a Folk Museum to get to know Korea's history and dynasties better. There's just so much to see in a day! 

Since I was solo flight that day, my itinerary was to eat a lot of theme park foods (churros!), shop for cute hair trinkets ala Kim Bok Joo, watch the parade, and go around to take pictures. I usually ride the scariest attraction in a theme park, but now I realized I can't do it when I am alone! Huhu! I suddenly missed my travel buddies! 

Inside, it looks like I entered a toy land:

The ice skating rink, another cute Korean date place:

Churros! Carbonara!

The carousel from Stairway to Heaven:

Not only for the young ones, Lotte World also has a bit of culture in their Folk Museum:

This area at the Folk Museum reminded me of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds:

Interesting tidbits here and there. Ready to watch Hwarang or Scarlet Heart or any period drama after this visit, hehe!

Then I was able to catch this colorful parade:


One of the best parts when you go to Lotte World Aquarium and Adventure is that it's just inside Lotte Mall.. So you can end the day here! It was my last day, and I don't want to go home early, so I decided to take my time inside the mall, shop, stroll, and have dinner there. It has been a while since I went inside a mall in Korea because I usually choose attractions over shopping!

But Lotte Mall turned out to be so much fun for a K-Drama girl like me! I spotted SO MANY posters and standees of actors and actresses endorsing clothes and products everywhere, parang nag K-Drama Tour parin ako!

Goblin photo book:

And of course, I dropped by the Miniso branch where they shot a scene from Goblin!

So many Mister Buckwheat in all sizes!!! 😍😍😍

Also spotted posters and signed items everywhere, had to touch them. HEHE!

Napa shopping na!

Oooh.. Lotte Cinema! A friend was weirded out when she saw my IG story that I watched a Korean movie while in Seoul... with no subtitles! Haha, but it was actually fun! I spotted some actors from Kdramas I've watched before, and even the pre-movie trailers were thrilling coz I saw Park Bogum, Gong Yoo, and Lee Dong Wook in their own different commercials.

I picked a random movie that's showing at 6pm. It was an action-comedy with a cute twist. Kahit wala akong naintindihan sa salita, I got the gist of the story (in a way!). Although there were parts when I felt left out when people were laughing over a punchline! 😂 It was also a nice way to relax but still able to maximize my last night in Seoul. ✔

 Saw this cute Coco (Chanel) Cafe while looking for a dinner place:

I think there is no better way to end a LOTTE day than eating in LOTTERIA! I realized that it was, although my third time in Korea, just my FIRST time to dine in this local fast food! I ordered the burger with mozarella cheese and hash brown (no meat) ... and it's so so good that I am still raving about it randomly to my sisters and friends here in Manila! 😍 Best invention everrr.. haha!

It was a packed day, I went back to the apartment feeling fulfilled and semi-ready to go home... But who am I kidding? Is there really anyone who's ever ready to leave Seoul? 😓

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  1. Hello po ate! I'll be travelling po for Seoul this April 20. Ask ko lang po if nasa city lang ang Lotte World and if mahaba ba ang travelling time papunta doon? And magkakalapit lang po ba ang lotte adventure, mall and aquarium? Thank you po �� Your blog is really helpful for us ������

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