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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

I've been living in bunk beds and housemates the past weeks. It was fun and exciting, but of course, I also encounter a minor problem or two along the way. 

Just to share, here are some common problems when I'm traveling: 

1) Laspag phone cords because I don't store them neatly when on the go.
2) Getting lost or late uploads because I don't have Internet connection all the time.
3) Not being able to charge all my gadgets at night because of lack of sockets in my hostel.
4) Overweight luggage.
5) Full memory on my iPhone.

I realized that traveling may be about spontaneity and going out of the box, but it wouldn't hurt if you're prepared to avoid some of these sticky situations. I found solution along the way, and luckily, some of them can be bought in your nearby mall!

1) Jumpu iPhone Sync / Charger Cable

Sturdy, braided wire design with dual end to charge any of my gadgets. 
Available at Use my promo code IGAnaGon10 for 10% discount!

2) Flytpack Internet

Affordable and reliable internet everytime I am out of the country. I can even share my internet connection to 8 friends! Book or check their rates HERE, or read more on Flytpack HERE.

3) Jumpu Multi-Port Charger 

Single socket per head in your hotel / hostel? You only own one adaptor? No problem! Charged my phone, powerbank, and Flytpack simultaneously using this multi-port adaptor.
Available at Use my promo code IGAnaGon10 for 10% discount!

4) Jumpu Duo 2-in-1 Cable Ready Powerbank

No more tangled wires when on the go + it's 10,000MAH!
Available at Use my promo code IGAnaGon10 for 10% discount!

5) Fujifilm XA2 Mirrorless Camera

Can't imagine traveling without this camera. My XA2 produces clear quality photos, and lighter than DSLR.

6) Cabin Zero Backpack

Big enough to store all my things, but compact enough to fit an airplane's overhead cabin.
Available at Use my promo code CZANAGON for 10% discount!

7) YE!! 32GB iBrary

The solution for my 16G iPhone memory problem, it's a small-sized USB to store your iPhone photos and videos. Available in Beyond the Box.

 Other than these, I also learned that positive attitude goes a long way in traveling. I never let these bumps ruin my trip, I easily brush things off things and situations now and move on quickly. I also learned the value of give-and-take with my travel buddies, you can't be selfish when traveling! And of course, expect the unexpected, plan but don't be too boxed with your itinerary. Enjoy, have fun, and be grateful that you're experiencing these things at the moment! 

I am EXCITED for my next travels!

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