Garden of Morning Calm (Finally!)

Monday, June 26, 2017

So this was my THIRD time at the Garden of Morning Calm, but it actually felt like my first! I finally saw it during the day with lots of sunshine and without having to rush for the public bus.

During my first visit, the garden was least of our priority since my friends and I preferred the more popular Nami Island and Petite France. When we reached the Garden of Morning Calm, it was already 30 minutes before its closing that the ticket booth offered us discounted passes just to scramble around before they close. During my second time, I went here straight from the airport but sadly still arrived late. This was when I witnessed the garden all lighted up and so beautiful, but I had a tinge of disappointment since I was hoping to see the pond where Love In The Moonlight (or Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) was shot.

But third time's a charm! ✨ So I made sure that when my family goes to this side of South Korea, we have to visit the garden first thing in the morning! 😂

It was also our first full day in Korea, so everyone's excited! The parents woke up extra early for breakfast at the guest house:

Seoul to Gapyeong requires a long commute. We took the train to Cheongpyeong Station, and then waited for the Gapyeong City Tour Bus to Garden of Morning Calm. 

If you want a more convenient way to explore the area of Gapyeong (Nami, Petite France, Gangchon Rail Park, and Garden of Morning Calm), check out this discounted Gapyeong One Day Private Van Tour for USD 299 / head. This includes transportation from your hotel to these four places, plus the entrance tickets.

When we reached the Garden of Morning Calm, the entrance was packed! This is new to me since during my first two visits, I can count with my fingers the number of people I was with.

With no time to waste, we explored Korea's oldest private garden! The fam wants their lunch na, but I was hoping and hoping we come across the Love in the Moonlight pond na agad in this huge place! Where to go? Otoke!? 😁😂

The garden is a concept of Sahmyook University's Professor Han Sang-Kyung, whose goal was to create a world-famous Korean garden. Meanwhile, its name came a line from the poem of Indian poet Sir Tagore on how he described Korea during the Joseon Dynasty: "The Land of the Morning Calm".

It's still summer in Korea, but love the Autumn feels:

Bigla akong naging botany photographer, lol:

Photo shoot in every corner:

And of course, I leaped when I saw the pond garden, the location used for Love in the Moonlight. Yipee! ❤

Nung tumanda na si Crown Prince and Ra-on, lol:

Love in the Moonlight is my first K-Drama. I watched it late last year (around November) through my friend Ashley's recommendation. Ever since that series, I never stopped watching na and now I'm on my 20th Korean Drama! I realized that Park Bo-gum is my very first oppa! Hehehe! 

Back to the Garden of Morning Calm, this place has 20 different sections, 5000 kinds of plants, and holds four different festivals (one for each season). It's so huge, I don't think we were able to go around the whole place!

We had our lunch inside the compound, I am not sure how many restaurants they have there but we entered a vegetarian one so I ordered to my heart's content! Mom, Ate, and Cea went out to look for something else (haha).

If you're visiting The Garden of Morning Calm on your South Korea trip, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking and minor hikes. Regular entrance for adults is 9000 KRW, and the place is open from 8:30 am to 7pm (last admission is one hour before closing).

Also, make sure to charge your phones and / or camera coz you'll definitely go trigger-happy in this beautiful place! Reading info online, I learned that the best season to go here is still Autumn (October-November). 🍁🍂

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  1. Loveee <3 I want to go here with you and Ava <3

    1. Sana talaga!! <3 Hoping we get to travel to Korea together!! :)

  2. Hi Anne! I had a great time reading your blog since waking up at 2am. it sucks! Good thing though I came across to you while searching for solo female traveler. I get so much excitement and serotonin as I've read and seen the picture here and Japan as well from your last year's tour! And by the way I just wanna ask what camera have you been using in majority? Or just your ip7? Thanks for sharing by the way!! Hugsnkisses 💘

    1. Thank you so much! :) Really nice to read comments like this!! I use a mix of my Iphone 7 and my old Fuji XA2 camera :)

  3. try out this k-drama recommendations! :)

  4. Hi ana! We're planning to go here and also Nami and Petite France. Where do you think should we spend more time on?

    1. Hello! :) Petite France is smaller than Nami, so I must say spend a bit more time in Nami! :)


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